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When Is A Badge NOT A Badge ???

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The answer to the above conundrum is of course , When It Is Your Identity !!!  On Friday , in the face of overwhelming opposition , My Club , Everton Football Club announced that they had ” Altered The Club Badge ” . Well , yes and no .

In 1985 , when we won the League for the first time in 15 years , Andy Gray saw the Cannon League Trophy , n Art Nouveaux representation of the traditional Trophy and called it ” A Monstrosity ” . Well, I give you that same statement in regards to the image , above .

There have been many occasions in the past 6-7 years that I have been Active Online as a Toffee that I have disagreed with Company Policy , as it were . I have also , it must be admitted , often been in a privileged position as regards information . Therefore , for the most part , have gone with the Club’s policy . Right through the Protests , and again , with a certain notoriety , with respect to my ego , I could have gone B.U. for example . However , I saw one set of liars calling another set of liars , a liar . #Swervio , to coin the vernacular . Then , I received a Leak of the new , altered , Club Badge , some months ago . I saw it , checked it and thought , no way will they O.K. that . Well on Friday 24 May , 2013 . they did just that and for me it was just one step too far .

What they have produced , as you can see above , is to remove the Laurel Wreaths and our Latin Motto . Now , first of all , the Laurels were THERE , in the first place in memorial of past triumphs . The Motto professing our Mission Statement .. 1930s , 40s , 50s , 60s , 70s , 80s , 90s , 00s , to last Friday , actually . I’ve had a couple of discussions upon this issue in the psast couple of days , the few that do like it saying , its change … They have changed it before .

No , see ??? They changed the Shirt Image – Catterick of course refusing to have a badge on the basis that Blue & White was enough to say it was Everton – to the chagrin of a million memorabilia salesmen . However , that no longer applies . Nevertheless , our Badge which as a Corporate Emblem had remained unchanged , certainly throughout my life , remained the same . If you dont believe me , go and check the carpeting inside Goodison Park . This was irrespective of what , if anything was on our match shirts . Our Badge was a Heraldic Shield with a Pair Of Laurel Wreaths astride Prince Rupert’s Tower – NOT a or The Beacon , as reported elsewhere #Ahem Everton F.C. . The Beacon was at the site of the current St. George’s Church , Everton . Indeed , we lived in Beacon Lane , Everton . Leading thereupon . I digress . Beneath was a Scroll with the Latin Motto , Nil Satis – Nothing Satisfies ( Has been Bastardized into , Is Good Enough ) , then , Nisi Optimum – But The Best . It SAID Everton , for anyone , certainly below the age of 50 . Even through the 1980’s with the Shield / Motto removed from the Kit itself . They have Inserted the 1878 and the word Everton , as if to say , D’ya , THERE’S YOUR GD HISTORY , FFS !!!  Well , no , as it goes …

The Club Badge is Everything , particularly one like ours which Trades , ostensibly on The History Card , to like the N’th Degree , yet chooses to disregard the ONLY image on the Planet , maybe alongside Goodison herself , that says Everton FC , without a single word spoken . I likened it today as next year them saying , as Cardiff did only 12 months ago , Oh , btw , we’re playing in Red from next year . I kid you not . I also stated I feel it the equivalent of saying to one’s Grandparents ; Jeez .. It’s Only A Name !!! There are certain things you do NOT mess with in my opinion . One’s Colour Scheme . One’s Ground and One’s Badge . It SAYS WHO YOU ARE . WHO YOUR PARENTS And THEIR PARENTS WERE . Least , it did for me .

Tell the thousands of Toffees whom have it adorned on their person that it doesn’t matter . Moreover , as someone whom has promoted the increased use of Latin online and to Evertonians for years , QED , Semper , Ergo , Vero , ALL regular LCABisms . Many more too , I am devastated that My Club this Monolith of the Game publicly admit that our Fan Base is collectively too dumb to understand , or God Forbid , pick up a book , to discover its etymology . Its just screams of dumbing-down and the simplest and apparently most juvenile attempt apparently won the day .
In the past few days approaching 20,000 Toffees have signed an online Petition against the new Logo , as that at best is what it will ever be . Percentage of Match-Goers Per Capita etc is more than any previous Protest Issue . Even Kirby , within the Time-Scale . That should resonate at   L4 , 4EL . Especially when many Season Ticket Holders are 50 + and thus many not even having access to the Internet . Whether it will is doubtful . It will however , should every Blue who just thinks that this is just not right , flatly refuse to buy it . Any of it . Its the only way . If Finance was their motivation , then Finance an be used to give them a Hold-Up !!! The Fire Principle , if you will .

This morning will be interesting at Goodison . Option one is , Batten Down The Hatches and hope it goes away . Option 2 is to Put Your Hands Up and say , WE GOT IT WRONG … We’re sorry . It’s going to take a few months but fair enough . Its gone . Coventry City for example did just that in the past couple of years . Else , they can say , Its fine , its only 20,000 . They don’t buy that much anyway ….
My Friend and footyscene.com Collaborator , Sir Neville Southall said – and I spoke on the phone to him only on Saturday , yet it didn’t come up tbh , .. @Everton . No one likes the new Badge . It looks like crap . Change it back … Well , Amen Mr. Binman, Lid .. NOT for the first time . Why ??? Cause SOME things are just too damn precious to be classed as Changeable . They are NOT . This is one such instance .

Contrary to their opinion , it is OUR Club . NOT BK’s – He has the Keys but its STILL OURS , NOT B.U’s , but OURS . Change CAN BE AFFECTED . WE just have to say NO …

Today , and please God any day , Nil Satis Nisi Optimum …

Written In Britain .

LCABlog ..

Peace Out


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