Wenger : Youth plans do not make sense

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger does not believe that creating a new league for young players will help them and said that he will read the FA’s plans ‘carefully’ to judge whether it would be beneficial or not.

The Football Association is set to publish its report into developing young players and has some ‘radical proposals’. However, its flagship proposal is plans for a new league that is going to be specifically designed for Premier League and Championship clubs to field ‘B’ teams. The FA believe that this idea will aid the development of the clubs academy players.

The FA have come up with these proposals as it looks to improve the quality of young English players in the hope of a better future for the national team.

Wenger believes that more training and less competition is what is needed, he said :

“The time kids spend on the training pitch between the age of eight and 17 is too short, while their time spent in competition is too big.

For me, competition has too much importance and training has too little. To add more competition doesn’t make sense. It makes sense to increase training and reduce time in competitions.

To develop young players in England you have to balance their training and competition. I see too many kids at 17 or 18 who cannot take ball, or they have no left foot, because they haven’t practiced enough.

You have to try and improve the level of competition after the age of 18, after education has finished – that makes sense.”

I am always ready to learn so I will read it (The FA Proposals). I am very keen to see how we can improve the game.”

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