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The Way Forward ; Patience Is The Watchword

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Tomorrow I shall be off to Leicester City as we embark upon the most important campaign of recent times in the knowledge that the freshness of Bobby’s arrival has spilled over into optimism for 2014-15 undreamt of this time last term and genuine tangible progress.

Yet the real journey begins tomorrow in the East Midlands and will have many ups and downs it is a big job wide ranging in scope and in principle and given our financial heavyweight opponents recent transfer manoeuvres extremely difficult to execute correctly therefore we as Supporters now take on a more significant role as to use a Poker analogy the betting is about to get very serious . 

2013-14 was in many ways Toffee Porn in everything except securing a Trophy as our methodology was beautiful and successful and positivity has abounded for months while the signings both internal and brought into the Club have reflected this however this is now in essence a young group and they are likely to be playing Thursday-Sunday until at least into the New Year and lessons will need to be learnt it as this point that the focus falls upon not just Bobby and the Squad but upon ourselves as with the myriad of challenges about to be thrust upon us patience and understanding might well be prerequisites #1 & #2 .



Roberto Martinez has a plan for Everton Football Club a Blueprint if you will which involves us pitting our wits on a regular basis against the very best both at home and abroad and to accomplish that is going to take time it is ridiculous to expect otherwise . This plan however is set over 5 years not five minutes while this season alone all our rivals have strengthened significantly most far more than we have and as a result we may for a time indeed perhaps even this season need to go sideways before we go forwards though forwards we shall undoubtedly be going . The side I would suggest needs to experience how to switch from European mind-set to a Domestic one within just over 48 hours on a regular basis something sides far more experienced than our own have struggled with it in the past .

One convenient aspect has been the Club recognising that despite the Jewels we now have and we do now possess Jewels ( plural ) Bobby is still The Kidda and as such they have attempted to facilitate him in the Transfer Market to the best of their ability it is progress irrespective of your personal views on the heirachy and it is this commitment to the concept that manifested itself in that new Solo Lo Mejor sign on the Main Stand . Ergo we as the now 30,000 Toffee Season Ticket Holders #BigUpBtw need to keep a Yeoman’s heart and a steady nerve and collectively invest in this project long term . We cannot reach our destination say by next Easter but we can most definitely de-rail it . Patience and nurture is thus required similarly to one’s own children do this and they will undoubtedly prosper .

On the field we have a genuine fundamental foundation of youth and ability now and to that Darren Gibson Arouna Kone and even Brian Oviedo will seem like new signings while again Kone should be given time simply on the basis of having scored over 15 goals in this League in a relegated side under Bobby and Muhamed Besic appears to be this season’s James McCarthy . We can all see how close we are yet we ourselves our impatience with respect our Steven Naismith – Leon Osman tendencies of Casing TF Outta Folks it is something I have never done in over 45 years of active Toffeeism and I honestly don’t see the motivation factor personally but if it is your thing and let’s be honest there were thousands I beg you bite your collective lip as Folks whom genuinely have bigger brains than you are now driving the bus . Look out the window enjoy the view maybe play I-Spy with the kids but please keep your displeasure should it surface at any point this campaign to yourself and define that which are purported to be Supporters .



Roberto really did have a dream btw Y’all need to be staunch for whatever may come and however long it takes and we shall once more find ourselves at the very top table . The ball to use a different sporting analogy is now firmly in our Court Bobby has shown his colours we both home and away need to do the same as I believe that should we do this that the rewards shall be beyond our wildest dreams and I for one dream quite big already .

I’m off to Leicester City on #ElAutobusLoco tomorrow with hope and optimism over-flowing in my heart yet I am “ in “ this project for the long term as I honestly believe Bobby is a GD genius and would urge you all to do likewise .


Up The MF Toffeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !!!

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Peace Out

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