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Originally introduced to me by me brother Mullin but now me muckas their band is to play in Concert Square on Bank Holiday Sunday at approximately 1 o’clock as part of a line up put together by Derek Hazell Manager of The Sums, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce two of my very favourite and superbly talented friends to footyscene.com Music, the Singing Scouse Sorority, Babsy and Beverley Keenan (2 parts of) Tweeting Jesus.

The Sisters are long-time Backing Singers for The Farm and as part of The Lightning Seeds and alongside the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra , opened the Liverpool International Music Festival at Sefton Park last year (2014). The Girls real love is their own work and last Summer Tweeting Jesus were invited by Head of Creation Records, Alan McGhee to play at his own venue, The Tabernacle in Wales and to coin a phrase, they SMASHED IT!!!

There, intro’s done..

LCAB; “ Ladies, welcome to footyscene.com“

TJ; “ Thank you David, lovely to be here.“

LCAB; “ OK . I’ve got a question, You ( To Beverley ) posted a clip on FB the other day of your Nanna singing. It was impressive. Do your whole Family sing??? “

TJ; “(Both simultaneously) Yis !!! Our whole Family, Nan, Mum, Dad, Brother, Cousins. It’s a Fambo thing.”

LCAB; “ I kinna figured. It is visibly manifest, like us with the Footy and the Toffees. It’s just “ What Yous do .Boss .”

Babsy ; “I do . We both do but me the most I’d say . I love it.“

LCAB; “ So Music is ubiquitous in your mutual youthful experience, how does it become your lives???“

Beverley; “I was gonna be an Opera Singer tbh.“

LCAB; “What now???“

TJ; ( Both–laughter ) Babsy “She was. She won a Cameron McIntosh Award. I’ve told you, she is amazing.“

LCAB; “ Haha. You have Chick an’ she is, you both are btw, but Cameron McIntosh ??? WTF ??? “

Beverley; I attended. Two of us won a very prestigious award but then they heard my accent and said , “You will struggle in London if you do not change how you talk.“ I like how I talk so it wasn’t to be.“

LCAB “OMFG !!! That is simultaneously both horrendous and beautiful!!! “

TJ ; “We had an amazing Lady called Hilda Fallen whom always helped us along the way , and Mrs Byatt’s Stage School from West Derby- from where Beverley won the Cameron McIntosh award , when (Bev) returned from Down South Hilda got her the Gig with Ken Dodd , singing the Laughing Song.“

LCAB “ Ahhh Koff now Girls . I’m the Oracula !!! Haha Ken What now???“

TJ (Laughter) “Honestly.“

LCAB “And from there what ??? “

TJ “Eventually we both came home, both still loving Music and went to LIPA via a Scheme , weirdly enough, set up by Alan McGhee . Being a regular in the Bar there yourself Lad

(LCAB ; I BEG your pardon Ladies !!! #Wounded <<< )

Keith is Ya Mucka , you’ll know Eddie Lundon etc, Eddie asked us to do some Gigs with China Crisis, only a few but from there The Farm then went on the Road again and they then asked us to be Backing Singers and we readily accepted and ended up doing the whole Justice Tonight Tour ( both girls are supporters of the #JFT96 campaign).

LCAB ; “An’ errrr, how did The Lightning Seeds come about???“

TJ (Beverley- Laughs and points at Sister) “It was Her and the Victor Meldrew Mask.“

LCAB (Reproving glance at Elder Keenan) “Go onnnnnnnnn.“

TJ ; “ We were bladdered wearing Masks at  an 80’s Festival in Wales(Mine was Bruce Forsythe) an Our Babs Crashed The Stage, we both tried to but she got on.“

LCAB “Course she did, Lad. Did Broudie know you then???“

TJ “ Nope. Then when he asked to work with them we said, remember the girl with the mask???“

LCAB ( Looks to Singer Sister Snr ) “ That’s like Crashin’ a Wedding an’ eventually the Groom marries you instead of the Bride. Yous are crackers. Boss though. So then yous got to sing at the opening of the Festival along with ( OMFG ) The Royal Liverpool Philharminc . Be like me Co-Writing with Oscar Wilde I imagine???“

TJ “ It was amazing, an amazing honour. For 2 Scousers like us (from Noggsy- Norris Green for those not Merseyside au fait) it was special.“

LCAB “So, the Band Tweeting Jesus .Who are yous and from whence came the name???“

TJ ; “ We are 5-Piece Myself, Beverley, Gary Threlfall, Guitar – he was at School with Beverley, Phil Bernia (whom happens to be walking past the Brink as me and the girls conduct the interview) and Illario Lacoboni (Who is not from Noggsy, he’s from Italy actually and whom became part of the Band via an online application) .We’ve always wanted to do our own stuff we just got kinna caught up with the others. We had a TJ #1 version and this is #2 version . The name came from a Tour Bus . Peter (Hooton) was on his phone . Bev said “ Look at him . Tweeting ( Play on the Scouse Term, Creeping) Jesus. Mick Jones turned around and said “ That’s a fukn GREAT name for a Band.“And so it was.“

LCAB “ Haha, belter. Tell me about Alan McGee.”

TJ “ We knew about Alan obviously and then from the LIPA association . She (Bev) played at The Tabernacle (Alan’s venue in Wales ) with The Farm when I was on holiday and they brought the house down. We were then invited back ourselves in November. Wonderful venue, fabulous time. Brilliant.“

LCAB “ Can I compere again ??? Uny this time can I have an Artists Performing list ??? Or just know their names ???“

TJ “ Haha.”

LCAB ; “ I’ve got something , Yous are both definitely RS to the core but You (Beverley) married a United Fan ( Or Fellaini is SHITE !!! As I like to call Sir Alex ) an You Missy (Babsy) used to work on the Board Room at Match Day Functions at Goodison Park and knows Snods.“

TJ (Bev) No comment . (Babsy) I did. I loved working at Everton and I was happy when Everton won, except in the Derby . “

LCAB “Do for me Girl.“

LCAB “So Concert Square, Bank Holiday Sunday 2015, the first ever actual Gig in Concert Square I understand ???”

TJ; “Yeah, can’t wait. It’ll be our first real gig as a 5-Piece. Excited.”

LCAB; “ How did it come about???”

TJ; “Derek Hazell is behind it. He manages The Sums we know them and he asked us to get involved and we were more than happy to accept. It sounds like a great day, K-Klass, Bassheads, The Sums and others in Concert Square. What’s not to love???”

LCAB “ What indeed??? Is is part of LIMF???”

TJ;”Not officially no I believe it’s now termed LIMF Fringe.”

LCAB;” Nice. Did you enjoy your Radio Merseyside experience (The Band were recently on Billy Butler’s show)???”

TJ;” Yeah, it was great. We’ve had loads of good feedback on that.”

LCAB;”Ladies , yous are two of my very favourite people and it has been a genuine pleasure, I hope you enjoyed our Caramelo ambience, Buono Fortuna in ALL Things and Break A Leg Sunday.“

TJ “ It was Boss David. Thank you. #OneLoveMF <<< X “

Seriously Peoples if you are anywhere near Town on Sunday yous need to check me mates’ band out as they are most impressive. Go, check it , thank me later.


Peace TF Out

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