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The Sunday Sermon ; David Lawson

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May the Good Lord be with You all .

Welcome , to our small corner of the Sabbath .

I am currently in the process of compiling a Book of , The Sunday Sermons . It has been my task of late , to decide whom is IN , and whom not . The recipient of today’s Focus is a Goalkeeper , easily the least populated position throughout the History of this fine Instition . Are there any other Clubs with Goalkeepers as #1 & #2 in Appearance Records , with another – Westy , staying for 12 years , 2 League Titles and an F.A. Cup Victory ??? Unlikely , I’d wager . Our subject today was , alas , none of the above , nor was he a Winner in the Green of Everton , though he did come damn close . He was also , upon signing , the most expensive Goalkeeper in the U.K. after his £80,000 transfer from Huddersfield Town .
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Congregation , I give you , David Lawson .

David Lawson was born , like very many Premiership and First Division Footballers , in the North-East Borough of Wallsend , on , weirdly enough , the date of My Mother’s Birthday , and the same date as Alan James Ball Jnr was sold against his wishes by Harry Catterick , 22nd December , 1947 . I digress . After playing , and flourishing at Football whilst a Youth , Lawson discovered he was a Goalkeeper , and actually had some Skills . As a result , upon leaving school he would fulfill the dream of the majority of Geordie Children , then as now , in joining his Boyhood Heroes , Newcastle United . However , similarly to Goalkeepers whom had to Shadow Sir Neville Southall during the many years of his Prime , or Geoff Barnett , Andy Rankin etc , whom were Stand-By for Gordon West , Back In The Day , to use the vernacular . Well , David Lawson experienced a similar scenario in coming immediately in the wake of Iam – Willie , McFaul , whom would become a Barcode Stalwart for a decade or so and indeed would later both Captain and Manage the Club . Ergo , Dave saw the Writing On The Wall and make the unlikely switch to , ( The now defunkt ) , Bradford Park Avenue , on July 1st 1967 . He left Newcastle United without ever having made a Top-Flight appearance for them .

It is often been said , and is also a standard Writer’s Cliche , that Football , is a Funny Old Game … Well , the initial part of David Lawson’s Career stands testament to this . First he departs the Club of his Youthful dreams without having , Troubled The Scorers , as they say . Then , he arrives at Bradford Park Avenue ,  into now , not merely the Autumn of their demise , but the onset of Winter . Strangely , he would make a mere 13 Starts in 2 and a half years for , The Avenue . Yet , was already Scouted and on January 2nd 1970 , Huddersfield Town made a bid of £15,,000 for the Young Keeper . BPA accepted it and Davey was on his way across Yorkshire .

At least with The Terriers he had found , A Home . Somewhere to settle , play some games and attempt to make a Career from Football . He did well , making 57 appearances and shining in a Huddersfield Town side that , Managed by Ian Greaves – whom Lawson would later face in a League Cup Semi Final , and a Young Frank Worthington and Trevor Cherry , as the side were once more Promoted to the First Division , that once Great Club’s last appearance in the Top Flight . Once more though , his stay would be relatively short , before Harry Catterick , in one of his final Throws Of The Transfer Dice , which had served him so well throughout his Goodison tenure , made David Lawson the most expensive Goalkeeper in British Football , as the Toffees made a bid of £80,000 . Such a figure was never going to be rejected and as such , David Lawson became Everton’s Goalkeeper in July 1972 .

Upon arrival at Goodison , he was fortunate in that the Goal Custodian , and twice League Champion , Gordon West , had now succumbed to injury and had recently Retired . The Young Geordie was therefore First Chioce Goalie at a side crowned Champions only 3 years earlier . However , it was no longer that side . Labone was about to join his best Mate , Westy in Retiring , Husband would play only 8 times in the upcoming Campaign and would leave soon after . Morrissey had gone Whittle would join Crystal Palace in the Winter . Kendall , Harvey , Royle , Tommy Wright and Hurst were still around but were all less influential . Moreover , the Signings were from the Bargain Basement , as opposed to Harrod’s as the Goodison Faithful had been used to , as the Economy began to impact upon the Moores Family’s Millions . We would Big Spend a on a couple of occasions in the next couple of years , but there would be no more , Alan Ball’s . Indeed , Bally’s Record Fee was effectively wasted as Catterick brought in Lawson , Connolly , Mick Bernard , the Stoke City , No-Nonesense Full Back , and Bernie , ” The Bolt ” Wright , whom even HE agrees was one of the Worst Players in the History of Everton Football Club . Optimism , it must be said , did not , abound .

On the field , the Campaign began with a Away draw against Norwich . 1′s each . Then a victory at Maine Road , as Johnny Morrissey’s replacement , John Connolly scored the winner and only goal . Our initial Home Game was against another Great Club at the begnnings of a slide that would be worse than ours , as we overcame Manchester United , 2-0 , as Joe Royle , and again Connolly scored our goals . I remember this game very clearly . Well , I recall the new , V-Necked Shirt , with Collar , and the first Everton Badge on a Shirt since Sagar was in Goal , as a Cyrillic EFC was embroidered . Indeed , I was fascinated with it . Simple things , eh ??? Our next four games contained 2 , 1-1 draws , Palace and Away at Stoke , then 2 consecutive 1-0 wins versus West Brom’ and Derby . Joe Royle had scored all our goals in these games . Indeed , he had 6 in 7 games from the Season’s Start . However , he would ultimately succumb to a Back injury and would play only 14 games that Campaign and the side would suffer .
The next four games saw 3 defeats , deposited out of the League Cup at Highbury , a Home loss to Southampton , and Away at Birmingham . An Away victory at Filbert Street , Leicester . A 3-1 Home win over Newcastle United , as Joe Royle scored his final goal of the Season , pre-ceded the visit of Shankly’s Liverp**l . I’m not going to concentrate over-much on this , what was My First Away Derby Defeat . We lost 0-1 . Cormack scored in the Deep End .

This result was prove a Watershed – Another term Evertonians would become familiar with , as the Catterick’s  Health , and the Side lurched from Bad , to Worse . The following week we would go down to our other fierce rivals of the past decade , though alas no more in a real sense , as Leeds United defeated us 1-2 at The Old Lady . . It would also be Joe Royle’s final appearance this Campaign . From there we lost at Brammall Lane . Drew at Ipswich – significant for Harry Catterick , in his final Transfer moves , agreed to swap David Johnson , no longer the Player whom had Debuted so spectacularly , and whom would become a Domestic and European Champion with his REAL Love , The Bealzebubs , some years later ; for Ex-Leeds Player , and , from what I can recall , Journeyman in every sense of the term , Rod Belfitt . He also drafted in Hibernian’s highly rated Striker Joe Harper . Moreover , despite scoring at Portman Road , Catterick dispensed with yet another Everton Winner , as Alan Whittle was sold to Crystal Palace . Indeed , would be in the side – the following Saturday , as we are defeated at Selhurst Park by a Don Rodgers goal .

Manchester City then came and defeated us 2-3 at Home as Belfitt scored on Home Debut . The week after we lose at Higbury by the only goal . We then lose at Home to West Ham , with Bernie Wright netting his only Goodison goal . Two more consecutive losses , Away at Coventry and at Home to Wolves . Both without scoring a goal . This meant we had collected 4 points – 2 wins , in 12 games . It was bad . We defeat Spurs at Goodison on December 16th . From there until a 2-1 Home win over Sheffield United on Paddy’s Day , we had only a 2-0 victory over Stoke on the first fixture of the New Year . A run of 13 games . These would include a 0-2 hiding at Home , where My personal nightmare of Emily Hughes scoring twice in the Park End goal in the last 5 minutes or so , became reality , and a run of 6 Games without scoring a goal . It was GRIM . Two victories in the next 4 Games saw a brief respite until on the occasion of the latter , Coventry City at Goodison on April 7th , Harry Catterick was forced to submit to ill-health and Resigned as Everton Manager . His stead was taken by his 2nd in Command , and Everton Old-Boy , Tommy Eggleston .

His Reign was not auspicious , as it began with a 1-4 loss at soon to be Relegated West Bromwich , and a 2-4 at Wolves the following week . A Howard Kendall Penalty secures him his only Everton victory , at Goodison over Chelsea . Two , 0′s each’s and a final day loss at Derby County brought an end to both his brief tenure and perhaps THE most disappointing Toffees Campaign since the 1950′s . Not only had Catterick gone now , but the decline in his Leadership over the previous 2 years had saw , The School Of Science Side of West , Labone , Wright , Morrissey , Ball , Newton , Brown , even Johnson , all depart . Royle , Husband , Harvey , Kendall all would suffer extended injury and be sold within 2 years . Their replacements , Harper , Belfitt , Bernie Wright , Connolly , Bernard , and indeed David Lawson , with respect , were not , Like-For-Like . To these , Youngsters like Scott , Sargeant , Jones and Buckley were added . Blues had to learn to reign in their ego’s and lick their wounds . We eventually finish in 17th place , our worst finish in 15 years , as David Lawson played 38 games for his new Club .

The Summer saw the replacement of Everton’s Most Successful Manager ever – to that point , with another Toffee-Old Boy , Northern Irishman Bily Bingham . There were no immediate arrivals though , and the previous season’s woes continued with an Opening day defeat at Leeds United However , a Home draw and then a Goodison victory over Leicester City and Ipswich , respectively . Nevertheless , Quality Will Out , is the Maxim – or , Lack Of , in this case ; and it soon proved correct . The side would show flashes , then return to One-Step-Forwards-Two-Steps-Back , as in the next 8 games they managed only 2 wins . However , they then went on a run of 5 consecutive victories away at Coventry , at Goodison over Reading , West Ham and Burnley , before a win at St. Andrew’s Birmingham , with Gary Sprake , their Goalkeeper credited with an Own Goal . Unusual in itself .

Bingham’s side win only one of of our next 9 games , including a particularly hideous Goodison Derby Defeat , of which , my abiding memory is being in the Upper Bullens with Big D and Firm . Second Half , defending Street End Goal . Ball is played into our Area . Our side . Mick Lyons and David Lawson both converge an said Sphere inflated with Oxygen , though before they get there , a Crimson Shirted Bealzebub gets his foot to the ball and flicks it over our Keeper’s head , whereupon it meanders into the corner of our net . The Lucifer , was called Alan Waddle . He , like Lawson , was from Wallsend . It made no odds . He played something like 8 Games for them . Scored one goal . MOST Kopites DO NOT KNOW whom He is . This would become the Story Of My Life . Only I did not know it then .

Bringing us to Boxing Day , 1973 and the arrival of Manchester City . Two victories in 3 days , 2-0 over City and a 2-1 against Derby County , as Joe Royle retuned to Everton’s Scoring Charts with the wining Penalty . A 0-3 hiding at Portman Road , Ipswich preceded a 3-0 Coating of Blackburn Rovers in F.A. Cup 3rd Round . We would wait a further 6 games for our next win . Near the end of this run , Billy Bingham finally persuaded Mr. Moores to open the purse strings as Everton once more broke the British Transfer Record as they captured Bob Latchford from Birmingham for £350,000 . Everton Legend Howard Kendall and Youngster Archie Styles would be Makeweights in the deal . A Home win via a John Hurst goal to nil over Coventry , after which saw Latchford begin to make an impact . He would score in 8 of our next 9 Games as Bingham’s Everton began to take shape . We won only 3 of them , in truth , but still . There was hope . Optimism . We even went to Grey Skull and came away with a creditable 0′s each . A strange thing . We play Manchester United , both times , twice in our last 4 Games . A 0-3 hiding at Old Trafford and a 1-0 win at Home . These Games were played over 8 days . Our final game was another 0-3 Blasting at Southampton . David Lawson was an ever-present . The Side itself finished in a creditable 7th place , and considering the bad runs , this was acceptable . For now .

The Summer and the Campaign which followed would see yet more changes . With Harper , Belfitt , and Husband had now departed . Clements had been Bingham’s first buy . Latchford , then Pearson had joined him . The new Season began with a Nil’s Each with Derby County at Home . A Goodison victory over Stoke City , as Joe Royle scored his final 2 Goodison goals , 1 a Penalty , in a 2-0 triumph . He scored his last ever Toffees Goal in an unlucky 2-3 defeat at the Bolelyn Ground the week after . David Lawson would make little impact in his second term as Everton Goalie . Bingham had wanted a Deputy and had plumped for Young Welsh Goalkeeper , ” Never Say ” Dai Davies . Davies would snatch the Green Jersey in early September , following a nasty 0-3 loss at Aston Villa . Lawson became a Scapegoat and would sit in the Stands for the rest of what would become a surprising Campaign .

Indeed , amazingly , that Villa loss would be our last until December 21st , when newly promoted Carlisle United came to the Old Lady for the inaugural time , with Everton F.C. top of Division One for the first time since we won It . We went down 2-3 after taking a 2-0 first half lead . Laidlaw scored for them and Chris Balderstone , whom I knew played Cricket for Leicestershire played . Mad the things you remember . Another defeat , at Wolves on Boxing Day ensured it was an unhappy Yuletide . A draw with Middlesborough brought another Game I recall oh , so clearly as Altrincham arrived in the F.A. Cup .

To explain , My Father , LCABilly , AKA , Big D , was a Player . Joe Mercer took Me Dad to Wolves when they were in the European Cup . Anyways , Non-League Altrincham had this Centre Half . Casey was his name . I recall it to this day . My Father , not a Shy Bunny , spent the Game roaring , and I DO MEAN ROARING , from the Upper Bullens , ” Fuk Off You , Casey . I embarrassed You when I played against You . I’ll embarrass You today .. ” And variations on this theme . ALL GAME . I honestly wanted to die . PLEASE , Dad , CLOSE YOUR MOUTH !!! PLEASE !!! But no . The Game itself was a Top Cup-Tie in which we were fortunate to equalise and knock them out in the replay at Old Trafford . Four straight victories followed . Two defeats and our second consecutive 0-0 at Anfield .

Three more wins and 4 games without – the latter a 0-3 loss at Carlisle United , saw the side still in 1st place in Division 1 . A 1-0 Home triumph over Coventry as Martin Dobson scored the only goal . win Nerves set in .A 1-1 draw in the only game to be played in the modern era at Goodison on a Friday , a 1-1 with Burnley and a 2-3 loss at Brammal Lane , Sheffield – after leading 2-0 at Half Time , effectively put paid to the Title . Indeed , we collected only 1 point from our final four games and it was this , not the Carlisle losses which were the Deepest Cuts . We ended in 4th place . 3 points off the League Championship . Nevertheless , from where we had came from the previous Season , this was Nirvana . Evertonians enjoyed the Summer . We should have known better .

The new Campaign began with a 1-4 Hiding at Highfield Road , Coventry . David Lawson had regained the Goalkeeper’s Jersey over the break and began the Season betwen Everton’s posts . David Smallman scored in the draw at Burnley , and again got the only goal in a win at St. Andrew’s . The following week , in a sunny Goodison we demolished Sheffield United , sadly 3 months too late in a 3-0 win . A 2-0 over Derby at Goodison . A 2-4 reverse at Norwich before 3 consectutive Home games . 2′s each with Bally’s Arsenal in the League Cup and a 3-0 Blasting of Newcastle United . The next Wednesday I experienced the UEFA Cup for the first time as a Toffee as Athletic Club Di Milano came to Goodison . I remember the game , and their Supporters . It ended in a rather fractiuous Nil’s Each . They would eliminate us by the odd goal in the Guiseppe Meazza a fortnight later . We draw at Highbury as we play them twice there in 4 days . David Lawson is injured in the game and loses his place .Arsenal then deposited us from the other Domestic Cup , before 2 straight wins .

A 0-5 Caning at QPR , before a run of 1 victory in 9 games saw us hit the skids . David Lawson had regained his place though again picked up an injury that would sideline him for 7 games . A 5-2 victory over Birmingham at least put an end to the misery , but any repeat of a Title had already disappeared Pre-Christmas . A win at Coventry and two 1-1′s saw out 1975 . A loss at Derby County in the F.A. Cup ensured no Silverware for another year . A 0-5 Blasting at St. James’ Park , a draw , another defeat , at home to Burnley . Improvement was required . Another loss and a draw and at last 2 consecutive wins , ensuring no Late-Season Panic-Up

Nevertheless , 5 straight losses ensued . The latter of which was an 11 O’Clock KO Anfield Derby – a rarity even today , in which substitute David Fairclough introduced himself to Evertonians and Headline Writers as he skipped around our Defence and scored past Never Say Dai, with minutes left . It honestly broke my heart . Four wins from our final 6 games did little to lighten the mood , as I recall . Toffees had a Cob-On . One small point of optimism , Everton had signed a Young Lad from Luton called King . We went to Derby to see him score on Debut . The team finished in 11th place in what was a huge disappointment . Especially to John Moores whom had backed Bingham with the Cheque Book . The Irishman required an improvement . David Lawson made 22 appearances in a campaign as frustrating for him as for the Club .,

Season 1976-77 dawned with Our Crimson Cousins Lording It as Champions – again . We were surreptitious in keeping our collective Head’s Down . Personnel wise there were no great In’s . Bingham chose to Stay His Hand . The Season began lovely . A 4-0 Romp in the Loftus Road sunshine in our new Diamond-Sleeved Kits . This was the Yellow version . This was followed by 2 draws , a loss and a victory . Hmmmm , then . Defeat at Highbury preceded 3 straight victories . Then came a 2-2 against Manchester City , before the Campaign’s first Derby , at their Gaff . The game is memorable only for a SCREAMER of a Deep End goal by Martin Dobson , which knocked him off his own feet , and from at least 30 yards . The game finished 1-3 , but any Blues present will remember it with fondness . I guarantee it .

2 consecutive wins saw us bounce back . The latter , a 3-0 Bladdering of Coventry City in the League Cup Round 4 . Two wins , 3 defeats in the next 5 . One step forwards … Again . On October 1st we , Me Dad took me , we went to every round of both Cups this year – Thank You , Big Lad . We arrived at Old Trafford with little optimism but in the event were fantastic . Winning 3-0 and Kingy’s Celebration on the Scoreboards Bars when scoring wice and after , again , will be recalled by all present , once again . The day after , Bingham Swooped for Duncan McKenzie of Anderlecht and Bruce Rioch of Derby County in a joint Winter sojourn into The Market .

We all traipsed off to Coventry on the Saturday thinking we were going to Win The League .. In the event , we lost 2-4, but the signs were decent . Especially from McKenzie . a 2-2 with Birmingham , in which he scored both our goals , ensured Toffees had found a new Hero . A week ater we visited Manchester United again on December 27th , in the League . It was David Lawson’s first appearance of that Campaign . A 0-4 ensued . No matter . He kept his place . A struggle of a 2-2 Home draw with Middlesborough , preceded a Home tie in the F.A. Cup Third Round against Stoke City , with Peter Shilton in Goal . We utterly destroyed them . Rather , Duncan McKenzie strode the Goodison Turf with Majesty on seen by Bally and the Golden Vision , in modern times . HE OWNED IT that day . Superb . I flew off to the Italian Dolomites for a tad Skiing the following day , as one does – did . Upon my return , I was informed that Everton had Sacked Billy Bingham in the wake of the victory and his Assistant , Steve Birkenshaw had taken temporary charge . Talk about Gobsmacked !!!

In the event , his Reign would be short . 4 games . He lost both League games , but gained a late draw in the League Cup Semi Final , First Leg against Bolton at Home , as McKenzie bagged our equaliser , and a lucky 2-2 at Swindon , in the F.A, Cup 4th Round , which I saw . Tuesday February 1st , 1977 began the Gordon Lee era , as Newcastle United’s erstwhile Gaffer took over the Goodison Hot-Seat . He began with a victory , in the Replayed Cup Game , and 2 League losses . We should have known . David Lawson kept his shirt , and would be undisputed Everton #1 for the remainder of a most interesting Season .

Then came the Semi-Final Second Leg . Another , I was there , moment for Toffees of the day . Bob Latchford scores our only goal – after McKenzie misses the worst Penalty I had witnessed to that point . No matter . Wem-Ber-Ley !!! We were Bouncing . A win at Stoke , before a Trip to Cardiff in the Cup . I won’t procrastine or glamourize , but again , if you know . You know . An experience . On the Park , we win 2-1 as McKenzie again has Toffee Hearts in Mouths but nets eventually . Two wins on the bounce , then its Villa at Wembley in the Final .

The Match itself , was a let-down . Largely forgettable aside from the Bandsman losing a Stirrup at Half-Time Band thing , and caused both teams to scour Wembley turf for 15 minutes . So , a Replay at Sheffield Wednesday , the following Wednes’ …. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd !!!??? Yis , Lad . FFS , Yis !!!   #Phew Now this one WAS a Final .  A Proper game . They take the lead via a Roger Kenyon Oggy First Half . 3 sides Toffees btw . Then , with Duncan playing Keepy-Up in their 6 Yard Box with Time beckoning , Bobby Latchford Blitzes it past Rimmer and we go OFF . Honestly . That night . That Roar , and after , live with me still . My first REAL Away Day Toffee Party . Think Me Da’ saw it in Me Face , as I was pencil’ed in for the Second Replay , and God was in His Heaven .

On the Saturday , I was in the St. End – NOT My Manor , then or now tbh , to see us brush aside Derby County , 2-0 in the F.A. Cup Quarter Final . Semi in that now , too . Oh dear .. We’ve drawn the Kopites . #BringItOn !!!  We play them on the Saturday in the Home Derby . Nil’s each . See ??? A Pasting of Tottenham , 4-0 at Goodison , boded well . Two draws and a defeat in our next 3 games Pre- the Second Replay did not . We arrived at Old Trafford , least I did , still thinking we would win it . Gray couldn’t play , and we were full strength , Rioch of course Cup Tied .

Given this is David Lawson’s Sermon , I am loathe to Coat Him over-much , but it is a fact that we were winning 2-1 , second half . Looking good . Then , Chris Nicholl , their Scary-Ugly Centre Half and general Yard-Dog strode forwards with the ball from halfway . From , what appeared still a ridiculous distance , he let fly . In fairness , it did swerve like a modern ball , but David would have wanted to save that 7 out of 10 times . It flew into the Stretford End top corner and My Nightmares . Then , shortly thereafter , with yet more Extra-Time elapsing , Terry Darracott , Our right Back and HUGE Toffee let an easy cross bobble under his foot . Brian Little was unmarked behind him and did what he did . Little calmly slipped the ball past Lawson and that was that . Cruel , cruel blow to a side which had dug very deep . Particularly in that Competition . I was devastated , but still ventured , Dad , any chance of the Semi ??? FFS , Yiiiiiiissssssss , Lad !!! #Yay !!!

2 wins , at Derby , and at Home to Norwich City , scoring three times in both games improved morale somewhat , but we knew we were second favourites . Bizarrely , My Parents , instead of My usual Seat in Me Dad’s car , allowed Me to travel to Maine Road , Moss Side , Manchester , on the Special with a huge Firm from By Ours . It is still one of the most memorable days I’ve ever had as a Blue . Firstly , it bounced down all day . ALL day . I had Me EFC Diamond Shirt on an a Flag around My Shoulders . Both , and their owner were soon drenched and remained thus until home .

The game itself was a Cracker . In fairness David Lawson would , I believe , chastise himself once more for being so far out in his area , allowing McDermott to chip from outside said Box , for their opener . It won BBC Goal Of The Season . Course it did . That aside we were stupendous . No Latchford or King , but McKenzie was Rampant . In his Second Best Ever Everton Performance , He , Honest To God Tormented , Tommy Smith the Anfield Iron , as City’s Huge Pitch and the rain played into his hands . Magnificent . I Kid Yous not . We equalize . Duncan Mc . Naturellement . They take another spawny lead as Lawson makes amends for the first half . Then game is running down yet we are still in it . Then , in a scramble , Bruce Rioch , eligible for this Competition , Side-Foot’s past Clemence . 2-2 . Come Onnnnnnnnnnnn !!! And Come On they did . It was ALL US now . Lee brings on Hamilton , that residue of Binghamism . Unbelievebly , Goodlass , whom also enjoyed his finest ever Toffee Hours this day , breaks once more down the left . Perfect cross . Hamilton meets the ball with his hip , and again sends it past Clemence . The Blue half of the Kippax EXPLODES like few Everton Crowds before or since . It was 2 frantic , bounciong , screaming , joyous\ minutes before Kenny McKenna told me it was disallowed . I was stunned . And angry .

Clive Thomas of Treochy , Welshman and supreme lover of Clive Thomas , of Treochy , had disallowed the goal for – he would subsequently give 3 differing  reasons , handball was his first effort . From the Kippax it looked like cheating . From 36 years difference it still does . We were broken . All of us . Fans , Players . Everyone . We Replayed at the same Ground four days later . I went again . This though was a nightmare . A 3-0 Hiding . You didn’t get a second chance against THAT Liverpool side . It would be as close as any of this Squad , King excepted , would come to Goodison Honours and it hurt us all . A lot .

We had 8 games to play but no-one’s heart was in them . A loss , four draws and 2 wins in our last two games brought to a close both our Nearest-Miss Season since Alan Ball , and also the curtain down on the Everton Career of David Lawson . He would play a total of 124 times for Everton Football Club , and would eventually win the Keepers-Struggle with Dai Davies . He would never receive a Winner’s Medal at Goodison but did get a Loser’s one and should have the opportunity to better if not at least equal that in the other Domestic Competition .He was robbed . Plain and simple . We all were . Especially the Players .

From Everton , he joined Luton Town but never settled in the South and only played 5 games . From there he went to Stockport County , where he would stay 3 years and make 108 appearances before Retiring . Discovering anything about his life since is almost impossible online , other than he continues to live in the North of England and is now 65 . Good luck to him an’ all .

Most of the recipients of The Sunday Sermon Status are Bona-Fide Goodison Legends . David Lawson is not . In fact he personifies the Workaday , Grafter Model . They also Serve . Therefore , this Domingo , thank thee Almighty in his provision of David Lawson , Goalkeeper and Evertonian . There are always more Indians than Cheifs . That is how life works . Yet , without the Indians , there would be no Chiefs .
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Amen , Toffees .

Written In Britain .

Look After Your Peoples .

Peace Out .

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