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9. Dino Zoff



Football Icon 9 : Dino Zoff

Dino Zoff was born February 28, 1942 in an Italian village called Mariano del Friuli. Dino was the son of a Farmer in Northern Italy’s agricultural hotbed. Having a keen interest in football since childhood Dino wanted to play for a professional club and had trials hwoever, clubs like Italian giants like Juventus and Internazionale felt that Zoff was too small for them to take a chance on despite only being aged 14 at the time. Five years on and Zoff’s displays for his village team, Marianese, began to interest the scouts at nearby Udinese. In the 5 years that had passed since young Dino Zoff’s trials with Juve and Inter he had grown an incredible 33 inches which gave him the chance to fulfill his dream of being a professional goalkeeper as his height was no longer an issue. The scouts had been suitably impressed and soon Zoff was left his job as a motor mechanic to sign professional forms.

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