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Victor Anichebe – the fan’s favourite? By Dave Parkinson

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Victor Anichebe – the fan’s favourite?

What makes a fan’s favourite? They love a local lad making good, they like to have a connection with the player and see how the player works his socks of for the shirt maybe even to the point of injury.

At Everton, not only in my time but in our rich illustrious history we have had many fan favourites, many idols and a fair few legends. Dixie Dean was the first and greatest number 9. Read more »

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I’d Rather Walk Alone by Carly Gibbons

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“Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same” – Alan Ball

So growing up I was the only girl with two brothers, and from a young age I quickly realised that if I wanted to be included by them I pretty much had to be a boy.  There was no way they were ever going to sit down and play Barbie with me (well who knows, maybe I should have tried??), so instead I became a football fanatic, WWF obsessive, Mario Kart lover and champion conker player.  I became, and probably still am, the girliest tomboy I know – obsessed with hair, make-up and shoes (it’s my dream to own a pair of Christian Louboutins), but my ideal Saturday would be going the match, going the pub and going home in time for Match of the Day!

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