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The State Of The Nation; December 2014

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As an unashamed Bobby Backer and as a result of admittedly chronic recent EPL results allied to the resultant Toffee Social Media maelstrom I have decided to put finger to keyboard upon the matter and indeed my opinions – such as they are, on the lay of the current Goodison land as it were. These are they …

So we are now approaching 18 months of the tenure of Roberto Martinez, Manager of Everton Football Club and until very recently it has been pure honey as regards expectations, squad, finances etc, I trust this is a given. Therefore what is/are the factors which has seen our domestic form slump so markedly ??? Is it that, to coin a phrase , he cannot defend ??? Is it the Players not playing for him ??? Is it a combination of both or indeed something else ???

Being someone whom has seen nearly every game under Roberto I feel that first issue, the defending, is a redundant point and I base this upon the fact that the bric-bats aimed at him is predominantly Wigan Athletic focused, that is, “ He couldn’t defend at Wigan and they went down. “ though they never ever note that whilst he did indeed Go Down, he also lost all of his first choice back 4 from Christmas yet still went on to lift the F.A. Cup against Abu-Dhabi Oil FC with Joel Robles in goal and a side containing James McCarthy, Arouna Kone and Escape From Alcaraz. Furthermore that he inherited Moyes’ Defence – retains it to date in fact and I was told the other day that if there were a European League for Individual Errors that lead to Goals Against then we would be runaway leaders at present. That is not Bobby, with respect that is International Footballers making Schoolboy Errors, regularly. Coaching can only go so far and responsibility is individual as well as collective once they cross the white line. Oh and all those Sages now opining to everyone , “ Well , of course I knew he was garbage last season .. “ No you fukn never btw. Least you never said it when Roberto was having a dream.

The injuries have literally been ridiculous. Our Squad is paper thin as it is but to lose Barkley (before a ball was kicked), Mirallas , Coleman, Stones, McCarthy all for extended periods has just been too much on every level. For example, the Defence that played at Newcastle United I would suggest would never have played together before, not even in Training. This is just the hand that we are currently dealt and we are going to just have to work through it in this instance hopefully with the infusion of new blood in the Transfer Window.

The width, or lack of is perhaps the most telling factor of all in my opinion as regards this season to date. When at our best in 2013-14 we had Miralla and/or Deulofeu available most weeks. This gave us options in that not only could we break at pace- an option sadly absent this campaign, but the absence of wide cover has, instead of our Opponents, by definition sitting deeper as a consequence of our threat, seen our own full backs often outnumbered 2-to-1 on too many occasions, killed with our own knife as it were. However this is not Bobby per se, it is the fact McGeady is not S Kev and Atsu is/was not Deulofeu, least that is my opinion.

The booing/casing if individuals is to an Evertonian brought up by My Arl Fella the most unsavoury aspect. I have never booed an Everton Footballer, ever, yet I take on board that we reside in the age of “ I’ve paid £40, I can say WTF I like ..” However, no Ex-Player- least to my mind has ever said in an Autobiography , “ It was the booing that made me ant to do it for them . “ Booing is for YOU , NOT for the Team . Its YOUR SHIT. Sound , you’re not happy but the other week we were winning 3-1 at home and I heard it, I even heard it at half time. Moreover the targetting of individuals, Osman, Lukaku and before them Naismith is definitely not #EvertonThat btw. For example, if either Romelu or Leon had made the mistake Barkley did at Newcastle they would have been crucified, yet no-one says a beep. Same with the goals James McCarthy has been responsible for, its let slide. The Goalkeeper, Mr. U-S-A has cost us more points than any individual under Roberto Martinez yet again it doesn’t attract the Haters. Oh and Leon Osman, Romelu Lukaku and the newly appointed Goodison Royalty who couldn’t get a lift off Evertonians last year btw, Naisy have all scored more goals against the RS than both Bob Latchford and Alec Young. Fact. Moreover, Bobby said, “ Arouna Kone will be sound .. “ Haters took the piss. Well I was at St. James’ Park the other day and from the evidence of 70 odd minutes I am once again with Senor Azul on this on too. Can we sack this behaviour please as its really embarrassing me??? Nice one Yous know.



I went on Toffee TV Season Preview in August and stated that I believed that this team, this project would have to Go Sideways to Go Forwards, this season, and I stand by that today. My feelings were based upon the fact that this is a young and inexperienced in European Club Football and all that it entails, group. No English Club had mastered the Thursday-Sunday thing – Chelsea won the Trophy but came in the Competition in February, though at least we have looked ourselves as it were, in Continental matches and we need to learn to how to Win/Lose or Draw on Thursday yet maintain a domestic momentum, an aspect as I have noted, which has befuddled predecessors with bigger squads and finances than ourselves therefore I remain intrinsically hopeful. Bobby himself has made mistakes btw but that again is incremental learning, for everyone or WTF ???

Support in January will be pivotal as though our first 3 fixtures are not exactly prime given our current travails and could even see us eliminated from the F.A. Cup but after that there are games we can collect points from and to borrow a phrase from Me Brother Mullin we really do need to be #ALLTogetherNow. I would therefore beseech Yous, please stay with it, please Lord we can add a couple in the window to bolster numbers and improve morale. I ain’t saying its marvellous, I’m off to Hull City on New Year’s Day with a better than evens chance of getting beat yet I shall do it anyways, that’s just my own manifestation of being a Toffee, others feel different, I get it . I would say in conclusion though , Yous gave Moyes 10 years, give this Fella 10 minutes eh ??? Particularly when the alternatives include McLaren and Pulis. Turn that shit RAR IN btw <<<

Stay Right !!!

#UpTheFuknToffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss !!!

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