How Do You Solve A Problem Like Apostolos ???

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So , then , Apostolos ; The Ladies Favourite , but apparently , not the Manager’s . Nor the previous incumbant’s , nor , it seems even U-21 Manager Alan Stubbs’ , as it goes . He has consistently refused to even consider a Loan move – despite being informed by both Moyes and Bobby that this would be his avenue to First Team Football at Goodison . This at a time when we are suffering our worst injury crisis , specifically to offensive players , in 2 Seasons or more . Yet , he is behind Joel Robles as regards potential for involvement any given Saturday . So , the question becomes , what to do with Vellios ???

Apostolos Vellios joined Everton F.C. in January 2011 from Irklis in Greece for £250,000 despite interest from Olympiakos , AEK Athens , Fulham and Bologna . He was considered , Of Potential , is I understand , the terminology . He made his Everton Debut against Aston Villa at Goodison in April of that year . He would score his first Toffee Goal against , oddly , Bobby’s Wigan Athletic at home in September 2011 . He followed that up with goals against Chelsea – after only being on the Pitch 18 seconds , 8 seconds from Start Of Play ; and again at Bolton , making that 3 goals in his first 235 minutes in Everton Azul . His Goal Ratio , Per Minutes On The Park , of 86 minutes per strike made Vellios Our Leading exponent in that sector . The Kid can play . Patently . However , it is not all about On the Pitch .

Shortly thereafter , stories , rumours , Twitter escapades etc began to surface . Whatever the accuracy , Tolis was dropped – well , not so much dropped as Pushed Out The Plane , without a Parachute . So far has he fallen from Grace . Furthermore , this has been an incremental process . It was not just a Personality Thing with Ginge . As stated both Bobby and Alan Stubbs have made Public Statements with regard to his general attitude and specifically his refusal to consider Loan Moves . ANY Loan Moves , in order , theoretically at least , to aid both himself and the Club .

So … 2013-14 . The initial 6 months see us ride the crest of a Catalonian Wave of Good Vibes . Few serious injuries – Gibson and Kone  apart , and no real Suspension issues . Deulofeu gets hurt against Stoke . 8 weeks . Then Barkley . 6 weeks . Pienaar , Jags , Distin , then Seamus . To add insult  to injury – see what I just did there , btw ???  Romelu Lukaku is injured for a month as he is trodden upon in the build up to Gerrard’s goal in the Derby and again is out for a month . Jelavich now plays for Hull Tigers Feet or whatever they are called this week . If one were Managing , personally , Apostolos’ Career , one may well note , THIS Is Your Time . Yet , with respect , I have as much chance of selection for Tottenham as he does . At least on the face of it .

“ Long term , I see him with potential . Short term , he needs minutes . Going On Loan is something we need to assess , going , down the line , it comes down to if the Player is open to that . In the past , it doesn’t seem like this was something he was open to consider . Tolis has the potential to be a terrific #9 . He is good in the air , strong , powerful , has good link-up play and mobility . He’s at the stage now where he needs to be playing 90 minutes . Now is the time he needs to start developing his decision making over a full game . If he does that I can see him having a role in the First Team … “

Yet , despite Roberto Martinez stating these precise words in November . Another February has arrived – this one without Everton F.C. having a recognised , fit Centre Forward – certainly Target Man , and the Boy Tolis’ main focus appears to be Gaffs in Town and Selfies . It appears the issue is focus .

Moreover , I Get the Female Toffees in Having The Lid . It would be the equivalent of Jennifer Jewell playing for Us . What’s NOT to Love ??? See , the thing though , the Player requires BOTH Game enough AND the requisite attitude – The Beautiful Jenn’ of course has both ; and it is here , without , in fairness , ever having spoken to the Lad , that the problem resides , at least in my observation .

Vellios #2


We have a dilemma . At a time where if we were tracking this Player , his attributes would appear to tick every box . Except the most important one . The will to actually BE a Footballer , not merely live the lifestyle . Ergo , how does Bobby play this ??? As Tolis is among a very small number of Everton Players that this Manager has publically raised queries about , however well-disguised amongst the semantics  , I suggest he either wakes up to the reality and GETS With The New Dawn , or else he may well get his wish of once again representing his One True Love , Irklis , at age 23-25 , and not the 30-31 of which he had always dreamed . We are at a Crossroads .

I can forgive many things , Lack of application is not one of them , however .

Shape Up or Ship Out . Irrespective of the Eye-Candy aspect . It is time to be Everton’s Centre Forward , Lad .

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