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Rihanna Feat’ Kanye West/Paul McCartney; FourFiveSeconds

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As far as starts to 2015 go this collaboration is perfect fodder. As a Pop Song it is raw catchy, as a collaborative Artists project it is Dope AF and across about 5 generations, yet it is fresh and relevant and I like it, Me Lad.

First previewed when Kanye made an unscheduled appearance at IHeartMedia Music Summit on January 21st 2015 where he spoke for 45 minutes, performed a couple of numbers and announced that himself and Paul McCartney had been collaborating together and also with Rihanna on a track from Miss Hotty’s new album, he played the Rih-Rih beat, closed his laptop and walked off stage to a standing ovation. FourFiveSeconds is that track.

Written as a collective by Yeezy , Macca, Kirby Lauren, (Long term Kanye-Collaborator/Mixer) Mike Dean, Producer/Artist Ty Dollar Sign, Dave Longstreth (of USA Band Dirty Projectors), Dallas Austin, Elon Rutberg and Noah Goldstein the song is minimalist in essence, stripped down and similar to “ Only One “ the other West-McCartney hook-up and continues Yeezy’s stated aim of “ Getting back to beautiful “ on his new album, from which this beat emerged. Moreover, Rihanna , on who’s impending 8th studio album FourFiveSeconds is lifted from and who’s previous best works- in my opinion have been the not over-produced Cold Case Love , and Half Of It, tracks from recent albums, and both via her stripped down bare vocal and her vulnerable no make-up video on this project illustrates a depth far from that of Eye-Candy and something that I had yet to witness.

As regards composition it is a simple beast, ostensibly a strumming guitar ( McCartney ) over which Rih-Rih reveals her “ Gravelly “ sound and basically smashes it out of park. Kanye lends weight to the vocal but as with the Auto-Tune thing, he admits that he is a Rapper not a Singer. He does not master that particular art but tries with all his might. He does so again here, my only umbrage being taken at the use of the term “ Spazz “ which, via the grace of God should another of his future children suffer a similar condition that would rightly be loathe to utter. Moving on, the Bridge or Middle-Eight reveals a Gospel-esque organ- a cello is the only other instrument used, which again dovetails with the ambience of the record perfectly.

The video is the thing that will make this recording go Global as while it is set in a simple set-frame for it’s entirety it contains these 3 truly iconic artists across the generations together on screen. That, as they say, is The Money Shot, quite literally in this instance. However, despite the very little make-up, vulnerable Baby-Girl, Rihanna’s fit thing comes RAR into play, I ain’t go’n elaborate, watch the MF … Still with the visual effect, the denim worn by all three in the video was, to quote the Girl herself, Ye’s idea  “ Kanye came up with the idea of doing some real Street Denim, Denim, an All-American look. Denim never goes out of style, It’s classic, it is iconic. Just like the fuckin’ Beatles .. “

There is that vulnerability on show too but despite the despair there is a resilience, a toughness which is conveyed, despite her crying in the video, allied to its lyrical content, initially from Rih-Rih “ I think I’ve had enough. Might get a little drunk.. “ Then Kanye “ Woke up an optimist, Sun was shining, I’m positive. Then I heard you we’re Talkin’ Trash.. “ The Bridge gives the denoeument with Rihanna “ I know that you’re home tonight thinking “ How could I be selfish ???” But you called ’bout a 1000 times wondering where I’ve been ??? Now I know that you’re home tonight thinking how could I be so reckless ??? But I just can’t apologise. I hope you understand ..” Then the nail is driven home by Yeezy’s second verse … “ If I go to jail tonight promise you’ll pay my bail. See, they wanna by My Pride but that just ain’t up for sale ..” All this is but lyrical preamble  to the message line of the record as Our Barbadian Goddess sings “And all of my kindness is taken for weakness … “ And that, as they say, was all she (needed to have) wrote (written <<<).

This is 3.11 seconds of perfect Pop heaven. The combination of all 3 of these Artists in principle suggests, Game, potential etc , in the event, for a Bargain-Basement Production Project, they Killed That Shit. Least they did in my opinion.

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You’ve probably come across this beat on the radio, please check out the video which features a Toffee with a Guitar. Me Boy Yeezy an Rihanna’s Breasts. Da FUK do Yous want Lad ???

The trio will perform the track live on February 8th, 2015 at the Staples Centre, Los Angeles during the 57th Grammy’s.

Oh, an’ in the video, check the Eye-Thing, then tell me it isn’t THE Hottest shit you have seen this GD year…

FourFiveSeconds is available as a download.

Written In Britain

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Peace Out.

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