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Mutant Vinyl ; New York Dub

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Welcome back to Music. Apologies for my sabbatical, I have been writing some Football however with the break in the E.P.L. programme I felt this was an apt time to resume. In our initial Musical Pieces the aim is to cover some Folks of our acquaintance wherever possible. One such example is today’s focus, Mr. Edwin Pope, AKA Mutant Vinyl.

Earlier this year I was with Keith Mullin at LIPA ( Liverpool Institute Of The Performing Arts )one Friday as was our wont and he said to me, “ You need to see this Band.. “ “ OK ..“ I respond, it was to be the live manifestation of Mutant Vinyl that I beheld. So I’m standing next to Mullin, knocking him of course, going, “ These are boss. It’s Hip-Hop’y, Trip-Hop’y even. Kinna Massive Attack with a crazy funky Sax’ for now ..” He laughs and goes, “ Yeah ..” Next thing I look around and he’s gone, I shrug and continue to watch the Band before, aye-aye, here comes Mullin and his Hendrix thing from Stage Right. Nice. They smashed it too both that Beat and also the performance generally, and that was my introduction into the world of Edwin Pope. I have subsequently seen him perform live with The Farm and recently played with the Band at Alan McGee’s Tabernacle venue in Wales.

He released this track New York Dub on November 5th 2014 and we were the first to discuss it with him.

LCAB “ So, where does Edwin Pope originate from ???”

EP “ Bournemouth, the South Coast.”

LCAB “ Tottenham Hotspur, Lad ??? “

EP “ My Dad. Blame him. “

LCAB “ So, tell me about New York Dub. From whence did it originate??? “

EP “ I’d have the Sax’ Riff for ages and I just placed a nice beat under it. I tried to get a Nas flavour. Queens Yo’ .. “

LCAB “ Haha. Good Evertonian Nasir, btw .. Nice. It works for me. I know that we are both Hop-Hop afficianados and I honestly do hear interesting ideas in there. On that point incidentally, talk to me about the Artwork #MF ..”

EP “ Haha. Nice ??? It was done by Logan Walters, legend of Blue-Note Records and Wu-Tang and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. “

LCAB “ It is superb, Edwin. So, does 18 years, 18 smokes have a specific referee??? Is she real ??? And was it love??? “

EP “ Not a real story. Its allegorical of generic Wanna-Be Cool tbh .. ”

LCAB “ Nice. So Liverpool is like home from home to you after LIPA are you looking forward to 24 Kitchen Street- Mutuant Vinyl play a Liverpool Gig there on November 15 ???”

EP “ LOVE Liverpool and yes, I cannot wait. If you & Keith can get down that’d be even better ..”

LCAB “ It’s in my diary Edwin as it should be in Music Page Heads. Edwin Pope is a rare thing, a Young Musician whom is not trying to emulate but rather to blaze his own very idiosynchractic and kinna Hip-Hop-With-Sax in essence trail. You really should check him out. “

Mutant Vinyl ; New York Dub


Mutant Vinyl Live ; 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool, November 15th 19.30pm.


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