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On the 31st of August I’m travelling to Africa for one month where I will be volunteering in an orphanage and then I’m climbing up Kilimanjaro for charity. Ive funded the whole trip myself and have decided to do my climb to raise money for No More Malaria UK which is an excellent well known UK charity who raise money to help prevent malaria.

My inspiration for wanting to do the climb and raise money for this charity is the following:

I have always been extremely adventurous, active and I love a challenge and have always loved the idea of climbing Kilimanjaro and have always wanted to do it to raise money for charity. There are hundreds of brilliant charities that help people in Africa but I’ve decided to raise money for No More Malaria UK. My inspiration for wanting to support this charity comes from one of my best friends who travelled to Africa a few years ago and caught Malaria extremely badly.


Luckily she recovered from the horrid disease because she had the money to receive the right medical care she needed but many people don’t and thousands of people die all the time from Malaria simply because they can’t afford things like mosquito nets to help prevent it. Statistics show that one child dies every single minute from malaria and I find that shockingly sad when its a preventable disease. 


No More Malaria Uk are a brilliant very reputable charity that help prevent malaria in all of the poorest parts of the world where Malaria is still a massive problem by distributing mosquito nets to thousands of villages.  
Only £10 can transport 150 life-saving nets to a community in rural Ghana; enough to protect 300 people. II’ve set up a just giving account online which is a safe easy way to donate money online and every penny of your donation will go to my chosen charity. The link is

I’m also going to be volunteering in an orphanage whilst I’m ooh there as the staff and carers that work there are extremely under staffed and need as much help as they can get. Volunteers that go out there help find the medicine that these children need to live a relatively normal life as a lot of them are sadly HIV positive. I plan on doing as much as I can for them whilst I’m out there and hopefully will be able to able to make sure they have as much fun as possible and I’m going to bring lots of my old toys and teddies for them to have.

Acting- I’m a professional actress and commercial model and I’ve had lead roles in three feature films, a role in Emmerdale playing Erica, I’ve featured In a BBC tv pilot shot in America, I’ve been in an Indian tv series, I’ve featured in 23 music videos, tv commercials and I’ve had beauty campaigns for makeup lines and fashion lines etc. my goal within acting ultimately is to play a lead role in tv series and then to do as many films as possible.


Sophie Rankin

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Matthew Clarke   had this to say about Sophie’s desire to undertake this cause.


Thank You again for your kindness in offering to help Sophie Rankin promote her endeavors in helping and playing her part in the efforts that are going into the work in Africa. 

 Sophie is pretty much doing this from her own pocket and has had a lifetime of experiences so far which have been self funded.

 Sophie has always had a passion and ambition to want to take the stage in front of the camera and to perform in front of an audience since the age of 5 this was a regular theme at parties and family events. 

 Before furthering her career in acting,  Sophie wishes to fulfill what she has always seen as something she must do, to contribute to making a change.


Yours Sincerely



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