Mathematics ; Arsenal 2013 , The Run-In and the David Moyes Conundrum

As a rule , and I’m talking over an extended period here – decades , I am an optimistic Evertonian . A , Glass Half Full , Hombre – despite many occasions when reality , Begged To Differ . Then came Wigan Athletic at Goodison , F.A. Cup 2013 . As an Online Writer of Things St. Dom’s , it was My Nadir as regards optimism , Trumping even last year’s exit from the same competition which came at Wembley at the hands of our bitter rivals . Wigan HURT .

As a result , both myself and THT – this was a First of any kind that WE BOTH Lost All Hope , but Facts Are Facts . It happened . Furthermore , we both came on here and said so . I , personally – not that THT hasn’t btw , have also been a supporter of Our Manager , and his tenure . I REALISE that he has faults , primarily Tactics and the inability to effect a game once it is in progress . However , I counter that with his utterly superb record in spotting and securing Players whom are in an available Price-Range and convince them first to become a member of a Squad , whose predominant feature was GRAFT . Moreover , Personality – not merely ability , was the Second most important feature . They had to WANT IT . BE PREPARED TO GRAFT – for not JUST themselves , but the Club in general .

So that’s ; Price Range X Ability X Availability X Commitment-Desire = An ever decreasing – as regards potential targets , and ever more Rival-Populated , ” Pond ” , that Ginge’ is Casting His Rod ”  #Ahem , into  . The odds against success grow longer with each passing Campaign . This , when combined with our relative Financial Standing against that of our Traditional and Contemporary Rivals , creates a scenario where not only is he ” Punching Above His Weight ” – to mix metaphors , but to such an extent that he should not , actually , ” Be In The Ring ” , at all , whilst also defying the odds to an ever greater extent each year .

Part of my personal issues with the various Protest Groups to surface over the past 3 years or so , has been their prediliction if not to wholly ignore , then certainly to down-play this aspect . Whatever style . method , whichever personnel he has selected , we have enjoyed 7 out of 10 years in the Top Half of the Table . Relegation , his initial Teething Period aside , has become a thing of the past , thank The Good Lord . Furthermore , David Moyes has brought us 4 European Campaigns , a Cup Final , 2 X F.A. Cup Semi Finals , and a League Cup Semi Final , allied to a 4th place finish in 2005 , which even in retrospect is flabbergasting at the bare minimum – considering the Squad he had to deal with . . These statistics stand Our Leader amongst THE Very Finest Managers that this great institution has ever had .

Having said that , his failure to win Away at any of the traditional Top Four is an obvious Minus – though City and perhaps Spurs entering that bracket of late gives less credence to that argument ; allied to our SHOULD have having won at Arsenal and Chelsea during that period , plus , He did defeat Chelsea in London in the F.A. Cup . Myself and My Peoples were present . It really was memorable . There is Anfield of course . Indeed THAT and the , No Trophy thing , should he depart at Season’s end , will I suspect , amount to his ultimate Everton Epitaph . Some weeks ago , I posted a Piece that stated that I was of the opinion that , that indeed would be the scenario . Now , I’m leaning back the other way .

Wigan was BAD . A Watershed , Bad . it wasn’t just losing LOSING  , WE CAN DO . We’re Toffees . It was HOW we lost . We capitulated . Furthermore , there didn’t seem to be a single thing that either Players or Staff could do to alter it , with over an an hour – and a Half Time Rouse-Up , remaining . I myself , a Long Term Koff Moyles Lid, Supporter thought he had , Lost The Dressing Room – to borrow a particularly well trotted out cliche . Indeed , I came on here to say so .

However , typically Everton , and actually akin to the Manchester United , Post-Wembley Debacle 4-4 last Season , the following week saw us defeat the other Manchester Outfit and yet again receive a tangible Bounce in our Premier League Form . So much so , that in the wake of our defeat at Norwich – their only victory this Calendar year to date , we entered the Wigan game with Wembley our only hope of success this Campaign . Or so we believed . Yet , we find ourselves this morning – 16 April 2013 , going to Arsenal , with 4 points difference in our mutual standing . We do have tough games to come . Tomorrow is undoubtedly one of them , but that , Liverpool away and Chelsea away , aside , we play Fulham , West Ham and Sunderland . Moreover , Spurs play Man City next week and Chelsea themselves the week after . Arsenal have ourselves and Manchester United to face .
THT was talking , Points Required for Champions League the other day . He thinks we require 63 , possibly 64 points . and to my reckoning there is more than one scenario whereby we actually achieve it . To that logic I would add this little musing . Should we go to Stamford Bridge , last game , requiring a result to clinch fourth , then I’m fancying us , against a side whom may well have a European Final only days later and in all likelihood have secured their own C.L. qualification , and whom have NO LOVE for either Arsenal OR Spurs .

So then … Either way , it appears that the next 4-6 weeks will be amongst the most significant at L4 4EL since the late 1980’s . Our results , ultimate finishing position and the effect on the Club thereafter , may well be the deciding factor in Ginge’s  , Will He – Won’t He , conundrum . Whichever way it falls , I TRUST that there will no repeat of the Wigan No-Show . That being the case , I will take whatever David Moyes , and as regards Future Destiny , The Good And Benevolent Lord has in store for us .

10 Years X 4 European Qualifications X 1 F.A. Cup Final + 2 X Semi Finals + 1 League Cup Semi Final – No Anfield Nor Traditional Big 4 Side Away From Home Victory ~ ( Divided By – There IS NO Divided By key ) Superb Record Of Spotting And Securing Not Just Excellent Players But Also Excellent Characters X Consistently Punching Above Our Financial Weight , Whereby Most Of Our Rivals Can Buy – Or Fund , At Least One Player Per Season Via The Corporate Sponsorship Advantage Alone + HE LOVES US ….

This , least to My Mind = A decent and capable Man whom , whilst having acknowledged faults and limitations is THE BEST OPTION FOR Everton Football Club . Both for the previous decade and hopefully the foreseeable future .

Once more , in in conclusion , THIS ADDS UP to The Greatest Everton Team In History never to win a Trophy . Securing a Champions League position in 2012-13 would , in the opinion of This Oracula , go a long way to assisting the resolution of both these issues .

It’s All Mathematics .

Come On The ‘ton !!!



Peace Out .


This is D-E-F … #Leader !!!