Mathematics ; Arsenal 2013 , The Run-In and the David Moyes Conundrum

As a rule , and I’m talking over an extended period here – decades , I am an optimistic Evertonian . A , Glass Half Full , Hombre – despite many occasions when reality , Begged To Differ . Then came Wigan Athletic at Goodison , F.A. Cup 2013 . As an Online Writer of Things St. Dom’s , it was My Nadir as regards optimism , Trumping even last year’s exit from the same competition which came at Wembley at the hands of our bitter rivals . Wigan HURT .

As a result , both myself and THT – this was a First of any kind that WE BOTH Lost All Hope , but Facts Are Facts . It happened . Furthermore , we both came on here and said so . I , personally – not that THT hasn’t btw , have also been a supporter of Our Manager , and his tenure . I REALISE that he has faults , primarily Tactics and the inability to effect a game once it is in progress . However , I counter that with his utterly superb record in spotting and securing Players whom are in an available Price-Range and convince them first to become a member of a Squad , whose predominant feature was GRAFT . Moreover , Personality – not merely ability , was the Second most important feature . They had to WANT IT . BE PREPARED TO GRAFT – for not JUST themselves , but the Club in general .

So that’s ; Price Range X Ability X Availability X Commitment-Desire = An ever decreasing – as regards potential targets , and ever more Rival-Populated , ” Pond ” , that Ginge’ is Casting His Rod ”  #Ahem , into  . The odds against success grow longer with each passing Campaign . This , when combined with our relative Financial Standing against that of our Traditional and Contemporary Rivals , creates a scenario where not only is he ” Punching Above His Weight ” – to mix metaphors , but to such an extent that he should not , actually , ” Be In The Ring ” , at all , whilst also defying the odds to an ever greater extent each year .

Part of my personal issues with the various Protest Groups to surface over the past 3 years or so , has been their prediliction if not to wholly ignore , then certainly to down-play this aspect . Whatever style . method , whichever personnel he has selected , we have enjoyed 7 out of 10 years in the Top Half of the Table . Relegation , his initial Teething Period aside , has become a thing of the past , thank The Good Lord . Furthermore , David Moyes has brought us 4 European Campaigns , a Cup Final , 2 X F.A. Cup Semi Finals , and a League Cup Semi Final , allied to a 4th place finish in 2005 , which even in retrospect is flabbergasting at the bare minimum – considering the Squad he had to deal with . . These statistics stand Our Leader amongst THE Very Finest Managers that this great institution has ever had .

Having said that , his failure to win Away at any of the traditional Top Four is an obvious Minus – though City and perhaps Spurs entering that bracket of late gives less credence to that argument ; allied to our SHOULD have having won at Arsenal and Chelsea during that period , plus , He did defeat Chelsea in London in the F.A. Cup . Myself and My Peoples were present . It really was memorable . There is Anfield of course . Indeed THAT and the , No Trophy thing , should he depart at Season’s end , will I suspect , amount to his ultimate Everton Epitaph . Some weeks ago , I posted a Piece that stated that I was of the opinion that , that indeed would be the scenario . Now , I’m leaning back the other way .

Wigan was BAD . A Watershed , Bad . it wasn’t just losing LOSING  , WE CAN DO . We’re Toffees . It was HOW we lost . We capitulated . Furthermore , there didn’t seem to be a single thing that either Players or Staff could do to alter it , with over an an hour – and a Half Time Rouse-Up , remaining . I myself , a Long Term Koff Moyles Lid, Supporter thought he had , Lost The Dressing Room – to borrow a particularly well trotted out cliche . Indeed , I came on here to say so .

However , typically Everton , and actually akin to the Manchester United , Post-Wembley Debacle 4-4 last Season , the following week saw us defeat the other Manchester Outfit and yet again receive a tangible Bounce in our Premier League Form . So much so , that in the wake of our defeat at Norwich – their only victory this Calendar year to date , we entered the Wigan game with Wembley our only hope of success this Campaign . Or so we believed . Yet , we find ourselves this morning – 16 April 2013 , going to Arsenal , with 4 points difference in our mutual standing . We do have tough games to come . Tomorrow is undoubtedly one of them , but that , Liverpool away and Chelsea away , aside , we play Fulham , West Ham and Sunderland . Moreover , Spurs play Man City next week and Chelsea themselves the week after . Arsenal have ourselves and Manchester United to face .
THT was talking , Points Required for Champions League the other day . He thinks we require 63 , possibly 64 points . and to my reckoning there is more than one scenario whereby we actually achieve it . To that logic I would add this little musing . Should we go to Stamford Bridge , last game , requiring a result to clinch fourth , then I’m fancying us , against a side whom may well have a European Final only days later and in all likelihood have secured their own C.L. qualification , and whom have NO LOVE for either Arsenal OR Spurs .

So then … Either way , it appears that the next 4-6 weeks will be amongst the most significant at L4 4EL since the late 1980′s . Our results , ultimate finishing position and the effect on the Club thereafter , may well be the deciding factor in Ginge’s  , Will He – Won’t He , conundrum . Whichever way it falls , I TRUST that there will no repeat of the Wigan No-Show . That being the case , I will take whatever David Moyes , and as regards Future Destiny , The Good And Benevolent Lord has in store for us .

10 Years X 4 European Qualifications X 1 F.A. Cup Final + 2 X Semi Finals + 1 League Cup Semi Final – No Anfield Nor Traditional Big 4 Side Away From Home Victory ~ ( Divided By – There IS NO Divided By key ) Superb Record Of Spotting And Securing Not Just Excellent Players But Also Excellent Characters X Consistently Punching Above Our Financial Weight , Whereby Most Of Our Rivals Can Buy – Or Fund , At Least One Player Per Season Via The Corporate Sponsorship Advantage Alone + HE LOVES US ….

This , least to My Mind = A decent and capable Man whom , whilst having acknowledged faults and limitations is THE BEST OPTION FOR Everton Football Club . Both for the previous decade and hopefully the foreseeable future .

Once more , in in conclusion , THIS ADDS UP to The Greatest Everton Team In History never to win a Trophy . Securing a Champions League position in 2012-13 would , in the opinion of This Oracula , go a long way to assisting the resolution of both these issues .

It’s All Mathematics .

Come On The ‘ton !!!



Peace Out .


This is D-E-F … #Leader !!!

9 thoughts on “Mathematics ; Arsenal 2013 , The Run-In and the David Moyes Conundrum”

  1. Your information is woefully inaccurate, You are not 3 points behind us, you are in fact 4. You say we have yet to play Chelsea before seasons end, this is wrong also, we have already played Chelsea twice this season. Our remaining games are Everton (H), Fulham (A), Manchester Utd (H), QPR (A), Wigan (H) , Newcastle (A).

    Get ready for tonight, you step into Hell.

    1. hahaha

      No . really … HAHA

      The WOEFULLY inaccurate , two points , I WILL amend . I MEANT Spurs as it goes , an the Chelsea thing I mixed up too . Been chokka today . MY BAD
      HOWEVER , to attempt to call ANY Arsenal Crowd , even in one’s Living room , as Welcome To Hell , is in fact , RIDICUOLUS
      The Library more like …
      However , like I said , AMEENDED ..

      1. This is quite honestly THE best comeback I’ve ever witnessed Bally mate.

        It’s understandable you made a slight error , what with the emotions of yesterday.

        Keep up the good work mucka x

  2. Of course it will be hell, we are in rampant form at the moment, and you guys are coming to our home to try and keep us out of the CL next season. Don’t kid yourself about the shift you will have to put in to get something from this match, let alone the 3 pts you need. I wish you well for the remaining matches though, you are more deserving of CL football than chelski or that lot.

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