Those loveable reds from across the park by Dave Parky

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You come to realise over a certain amount of time, that yes there really is a difference between ourselves and those loveable reds from across the park. Its strange when you consider that we are all human beings, all come from the same city, and we all have basically the same up bringing. I’m best friends with a red, we have been friends since we were kids, and during our friendship we have always had good banter and I would like to think intelligent conversations about both clubs. We would often disagree, but with him I forget about scoring points an try and be as honest as I can about Liverpool and my own club Everton, and for his part he does the same.

That is until the subject of one Luis Suarez and his knack of diving,cheating, kicking and even biting his opposition comes up.
There is no denying that Suarez is one of the best players in world football. Before this World Cup began and during the second part of last season I stated many times on twitter and in the pub with the lads that I felt he was in the top 4 category in world football. I held him in the same company as Ronaldo, Messi, and Zlatan as the best in the world. All seemingly a level or two above anyone else. I have no prejudice against him as a player just because he wears the red of Liverpool. I cannot deny how good he is with the ball at his feet, however I don’t like the man and I have repeated time and time again I would not have him in a blue shirt.

This comment alone has brought reds to almost laugh at me firing back with comments such as “as if you wouldn’t have him at Everton”, or “Everton wil never have someone that good anyway.”
No matter how much I remonstrate they just don’t get it. I would not have that despicable, degenerate animal wearing our blue shirt. I just can’t have him.

Over the past few days me and my friend Lee have been talking about “bitegate“. Lee even sent me a link to what was an article about Luis Suarez and his background. It tells the story of an impoverished Uruguayan boy forced to do whatever it took as a child to make it as a footballer, even just to earn a pair of boots. It tells how his father left his mother and his 6 brothers at an early age, How his girlfriend “had” to move to europe with him when he came here. It attempts to paint a picture of how his early life has dictated the anger issues we see now, that the things that happened to him as a child are the reasons he does what he does today, well I’m sorry but thats BOLLOCKS.

I am not denying Luis Suarez had a tough upbringing, but so do an awful lot of other footballers worldwide, so do a lot of scouse footballers from this city yet you do not see player after player biting their opponents. Liverpool fans are crying about the ban, stating its unfair and unprecedented. Well the incident is unprecedented, never before has a player bit an opponent and received a ban, then bit another opponent and received another ban. That occurring when he is playing in the greatest tournament in the world, doing what he loves to do in front of millions and millions of people he again bites an opponent. However, he not only bites his opponent he then completely denies the offence.

Its unprecedented that a player continues to do these things showing no remorse or care for the club and fans who pay his wages and allow him to live a lifestyle away from his impoverished upbringing in Uruguay. So the punishment fits the crime for me as they are both are unprecedented. In my opinion it could and should have been much worse for Liverpool. Why? I hear you ask (well the reds who read this will ask).  Here are my reasons.

Liverpool fans rather than look at Suarez and what he has done, continually point the finger at other players and how they were just as bad. The most popular being Duncan Ferguson. During his time at our club Ferguson accumulated a number of bans after he lashed out at opponents, but I have never seen a Blue say he didn’t deserve them. The only time I feel he was unfairly treated was when he actually served time behind bars for what he done on the field of play. In case reds don’t know he also received a playing ban which he was forced to serve separately from his prison sentence. The man was punished twice for one crime and even though it happened in the blue of Rangers it was when he wore the blue of Everton that he was punished for it. Ferguson never butted another player again (punched a few, but never butted). When he did strike opponents and was banned he was fined by the club, and on one occasion even banished by David Moyes and told not to come back to the clubs training ground or stadium until Moyes deemed fit. We all accepted he had been stupid and deserved what he got. My point being when Duncan Ferguson lashed out and received a ban we took it on the chin because you cant defend the indefensible. But that is what reds continually do with Suarez and this has contributed to him thinking he is untouchable almost.

It doesn’t stop with just the fans though. the club itself are apparently ready to seek legal advice on FIFA , why? FIFA have not bitten a player so why are LFC so keen to to take them to task. Well he is their player, Reds are telling me, they will be paying him and won’t be able to use him during his ban. True but if you managed to actually manage this man’s problems and not pander to them then there may never have been an issue. LFC have bent over backwards for Suarez time and time again, at what point do they wash their hands of him? Let him know he is not bigger than the club, however¬† at the moment it appears he is just that. LFC seem scared to take him to task over his issues and as a club instead point the finger at the governing body.

A popular point reds make is that when he received his FA ban he was still eligible to play for his country so why should this be different as it happened playing for Uruguay, LFC shouldn’t be punished as well. Believe it or not the English FA have no authority whatsoever over FIFA. FIFA are the world governing body so if they decide a player has committed an act so bad they require this type of ban then they can.

Finally Luis Suarez has been banned for 4 months he will miss pre-season and a portion at start of La Liga , sorry the Premier league (fraudien slip there). This as the comedian Jason Manford expertly put it is akin to being suspended from school during the summer holidays. So in my opinion LFC are lucky the ban doesn’t kick in at the start of the season. The whole tale has culminated yesterday morning with papers reporting of an incident at the start of last season, during his first game back after his ban playing fro Liverpool reserves he butted a Burnley youth player. I was told of the incident at the time and was told by numerous Reds it was bullshine and that I’m a bitter Blue making things up, well it happened and LFC covered it up destroying the video evidence of it and giving Burnley some sort of incentive not to admit it happened either. In my eyes the fact that this happens finally confirms for me beyond any doubt Liverpool get what they deserve. And I am interested to see how the same reds react to yesterday’s story.

Since birth My dad brought me up on the fact we at Everton are cut from a different cloth told me tales of Shankly making a pact with the devil. I know we act with a certain dignity and pride and I’ve actually always thought Reds did as well but recent events have made me question that. They really are a different breed aren’t they? They have a chance to redeem themselves now but will they?
I’m not so sure about those loveable reds from across the park.

Dave P

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