Keith Mullin/Simon Britton ; The Peace Collective Interview

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Today 15th December 2014 is the official release date for The Peace Collective ; #AllTogetherNow, a project involving Clubs and youngsters from all Clubs in the EPL and Bundesliga. It also intrinsically contains two of Me Firm , Keith Mullin whom I sit with in the Park End and whom comes on El Autobus Loco and Simon Britton though miles away is wearing an Everton In The Community Wristband in the Promo Shots. So , their bid to overcome the dual Media Machines of Ebola Bob and Mr. X-Factor, is well , kinna new to me. I gotta be honest.

Yous really need to buy this record and the easiest way to do this is to

Text Get Peace to 84222 and Me Brothers are here to explain why …

LCAB “ Welcome back to footyscene ( KM ) and Simon , abar time tbh Kid . “

KM ; “ No worries . Boss to be back Kid. “

SB “ I Love It !!! “

LCAB “ OK , KM , The Peace Collective , All Together Now , talk to me Lid .. “

KM “ I’m gonna be honest, when we first played this song I did not expect to be here still playing it 25 years later in 2014 and releasing it as a tribute. Peter wrote the lyrics because he was inspired to make a Socio-Historical-Political comment, keeping alive a memory in some respects of one of the greatest stories in humanity, and one often not focused upon, so we ourselves were going to do something considering this year is the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce. We then began to be approached by various people including the Premier League. “

LCAB “ Hollllllld Up !!! You do not just Get Approached By The EPL every day. How did that happen ??? “


KM “ Ged Roddy of the Premier League brought to our attention a Football Tournament held annually in Belgium called All Together Now and which was inspired originally by the song. One thing I have actually been surprised about is the number of people whom had no idea what the song was about, despite it being released 25 years ago and already having been Xmas #1 ( Laughs ). This was one such occasion as upon hearing the song he was then inspired to create the Tournament. “

LCAB “ That is beautiful btw Brotherman .. “

KM “ It kinna is, yeah. They then said “ We are going to do something around this Tournament in 2014 and we would love you to be a part of it and could we get a load of Kids to sing it ??? “ We then said that we were going to do something anyway and the idea just came out of that. “



LCAB “ So there was no Blueprint ??? No co-ordinated strategy ??? “

KM “ Nah more serendipity , several different things just came together. Then the idea became , “ OK let’s get 2 kids from every EPL and Bundesliga Club, put them in Chior and get them to sing the song. “

LCAB “ I LOVE serendipity Lad !!! One of my favourite phenomena and me fav words. Boss. “

KM “ See ??? The thing though is, that all sounds simple and easy but you are dealing with kids , whom are not singers, play football all day and are most likely unaware of the song. They were fabulous and the beauty of it was that by the end they were saying, “ We now know what the song is about. Isn’t it a beautiful story. We Get It now … “ A new generation of 10 year olds.”


LCAB ; “ Btw 100 years ago their Fathers and Brothers would be amongst those doing the dying. “

KM “ Exactly Kid. The logistics alone were crazy. You got to get 60 odd kids to Liverpool from England and Germany, then teach them how to sing- its like trying to teach them to play Football in a day, then teach them the song, but you know what ??? Them kids NAILED IT !!! You were there you saw it . “

LCAB “ I was and I did and they nailed it in both MF languages btw. All you can hear on My Vids is me goin “ Bosssssss, Lad !!! “. Boss, Lad. “

KM “ So we got to that point and it was like .. “ We need a Producer.. “ and Simon was known to me and after the Crystal Palace postponement he wasn’t just known to you an’ all but also to every single member of 1878 Lounge Staff, and so, with the Toffee thing for me personally , it was just , “ A Fit “.


LCAB “ What say you Mr. Britton ??? “

SB ; “ Basically what Keith said. I know them, it is a beautiful project. I had already agreed to do something in German but when I got the call for this I was like “ Let’s get this done … “ . Oh , and I wasn’t that bad at Crystal Palace btw .. “

LCAB “ Yeah . You were Kid .. “

KM “ Yeah . You were Kid … “


LCAB ; So, on a project with zero Merketing Budget you weren’t exactly within your comfort zone SB ??? “

SB “ No, that was part of it though. The Collective thing . In honesty, I had no idea what this would entail, others tried to warn me but I just did not get it . I have not done a day’s paid work since July 28th 2014. It’s that kind of mission .. “

KM “ I said to Simon at the part, even though you’ve sold over 55 million records this will take you to places you have never been . Your every resource, it will want it , it will take everything you have got. He fell down the stairs last week … “

LCAB “ He did Lad. “

SB; “ I was exhausted. Routine is the first casualty so eating, sleeping, socialising is awry. One thing I do want to say though is you said about the Budget.. There WAS NO Budget !!! Englebert paid his own air-fare from LA , the RSC donated the footage , the Video cost nothing, you have all worked tirelessly for nothing !!! At the same time People have actually bought into it and I love that .. “


LCAB ; “ KM Where did Peace Warriors ( Us the backroom staff ) come from ???

KM ; ” I was discussing it with Jon Morter ( The Architect behind the Rage Against The Machine Xmas #1 2009 ) and said we need to give our helpers, our people a name and bring them into The Collective. We are not passive, we have opinions and upon this cause The Peace Warriors seemed rather apt. It went from there .. “

LCAB “ Ypres KM ??? “

KM “ Yeah, can’t wait. Leaving tonight ( Friday 12th December 2014 ). That come about by them simply approaching us saying “ We want to do something, can you be involved ??? We said we would be honoured. “

LCAB “ Right then … Christmas #1 … Up against Sir Ebola Bob who’s record was projected onto the Houses of Parliament and the X-Factor machine. Wow an’ that though .. Oh and let’s not forget Diamond & Snods.. ”

KM ” Let’s not . Nor Nicko either ”

LCAB ” Indeed Kid. ”

SB ” They were all superb !!! ”


KM “ Let’s just see on #1 but whatever happens The Shorncliffe Trust and the R*d Cross will have made a few quid. That happens and everything else is a bonus. “

SB “ Exactly what has been said. It was a means to an end . We now approach the end, let us see but it has been an amazing experience. “

LCAB “ Brothers, from the bottom of my heart, and from footyscene.com Buono Fortuna. Break a GD Leg !!! “

KM “ Ta Kid. Thank you once again to footyscene.com Truly #ThePeoplesWebsite ..”

SB “ Thank you Bro. Love you footyscene.com !!! Esp Baz .. “

LCAB “ We need an Interview SB !!! “

SB “ Whenever you want it Brother … “

LCAB “ Cheers Lids … “

So that was The Peace Collective Interview. I trust that I was able to convey that fact that not only are these Folks me mates but also that the cause itself is voracious. It is most definitely worth £1 of your Christmas money . Please …

Text Get Peace to 84222

And let’s actually be #AllTogetherNow



Peace Out

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