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J Pass ; Everton FC ; My Personal Pain . And The Journey Thereupon …

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Everton, flipping heck!!!! I can honestly say, hand held on heart, that there’s no other other INSTITUTION (because we are an institution, make no mistake) in the entire world, that has ever come as close to emotionally and spiritually as Everton FC.
I was born in October 1977, so I’m a bit too young to remember the ’84 cup final, but I was certainly a blue and I remember celebrating it with my arl fella. The ’85 season though…Good god! Whenever I played footy after that, I was glued to the right wing. I was ‘Tricky Trev.’  The ’86 season….That broke my heart. My abiding memory of that season is Rushies goal hitting the camera in the corner of the net in the cup final. I was so upset, I actually said a prayer before I went to bed that night; I prayed that we would be league champions again. Somebody up high listened, because not only did we win the league, I was there when we lifted the trophy at Goodison. Now, forgive me here, but I always have hazy memories over this – I’m not sure who we played that day, but it was either Norwich or QPR. Whichever one of those we didn’t play, I’m almost certain we actually secured the title at the other teams ground.
Well, that was good, I’d gotten over Lineker leaving, and we’d won our title back. However, the worst was yet to come. Howard went to Bilbao. The outstanding right hand side partnership of Tricky and Stevens was about to depart, and we would soon find ourselves with the legend of Harvey in control. Now, Colin, is a legend, and his managerial career with the blues is perhaps tainted by what went before. Much like his record signing; one Mr. Cottee. Who was actually a very good goalscorer, but compared to what went before, it just never seemed good enough.
So we head into the 90′s and we, as football fans, can not see the ‘revolution’ coming. I could still remember us breaking the British transfer record, and with it being before the whole concept of a ‘transfer window’ I’d eagerly buy the Echo every day, in the hope of us finally shaking our malaise and trying to compete with the big boys again and buying big name players.
Little did I know, things were about to get worse. The sale of Martin Keown was a sad day in Everton history. After that things went from bad to worse. Of course big Joe come in and lifted our spirits, but that was short lived. After that, it became even more desperate, until a certain Mr. Moyes came along.
Now, Moyes has gone, but I’ll never stop supporting this great club. As Kendall once described it – it’s a marriage. Times may look tough, but we shall stick it out. We’ll have our ups and downs.
So COYB. I’ve seen people arguing about who the next manager should be, etc. Bollocks to all that. I’ve seen many ups and downs, but the only constant is EVERTON!!!! What is we like to sing recently? Oh, yeah “WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED”