I Love Everton by Giordan-Ann.

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Hello , my name is Giordan and I’m Welsh . I am also an Evertonian .  I am 14 , I live in North Wales and have 2 older brothers . One – the clever one , is a Blue , the other went Kopite  , many years ago . We love him still like …My Mum is from Liverpool and she and her family are also Evertonian’s , I was born into an Everton family and I’m so  glad that  I was. We were all obviously born into the better half of Liverpool , it is something I am grateful for , as my eldest  brother , who I love , somehow ended up a R*d . 

For me though , since the day I arrived  I have been a mad Evertonian. Because I live in North Wales I don’t get to go to as many games as I’d like to .  However I do go to as many as I can ,  and thankfully have  been to a lot this season  and I’m glad I have . Even when we are disappointed with the  result   or even disappointed  with our Players , it doesn’t mean we regret going to the game . I know that  every time I go to Goodison I  have  such a great time . No matter what the result . 
I love My Team  because it always seem that, no matter what, Everton put a smile on mine and my families faces . It is a Family thing for me . We are a club with something to celebrate  . Not because were a club who win lots of trophies necessarily – though we ARE 4th most domestically successful side ; and – or qualify for the Champions League each season . Because we don’t . We’re not . We are though  a Family and a great one at  that .  That’s why we have such a big Fan Base .  Everton are a club full of ambition and desire ,  and that is something that my family and I like .  It is obvious that Everton are a club that are loyal to us Fans also , otherwise it wouldn’t be called the People’s  Club .  Evertonians are  ,  no doubt about it ,  one of the best and most loyal Fan Bases  in  Europe .  Maybe even in the world .  Everton Fans  treat one another with respect   and again ,  make you feel like part of a Family . 
My  2  favourite  past  Everton players are Thomas Gravesen and Tim Cahill. I loved Tim Cahill  so  much , its unreal .  My  bedroom walls were full of signed pictures of him , signed  shirts   and all sorts of Cahill memorabilia ;  *** LCAB , must interject for second  to give our readers some perspective . WHEN Giordan says  She LOVED Tim Cahill , She MEANS that    She Loved Timmy LIKE I LOVE BALLY . This  Girl LOVED Timothy Joel Faliqa Cahill , btw .  To THAT , I can attest . ***   I Met Tim Cahill  on  the  27th  April ,  before Everton V  Fulham   at Goodison Park .  it was genuinely one of the best days of my life. Everything I loved about Tim Cahill was true .   He REALLY IS  nice,   and kind and a genuine Blue . I’m so glad  that I got to meet him  before he left Everton  ,  and of course he will be described as one of the best Everton Legends  of  All-Time  .  He will certainly be my personal  Evertonian Favourite . 
Thomas Gravesen waved to me in the middle of a game against Newcastle in 2003 ,  - ***   Sorry . Me again ….  Haha   Even THOUGH , he wasn’t REALLY supposed to  ,  Honey  ***   ;    and he’s been one of my favourites ever  since . He too  was nice   I’ve decided not to  have any  favourite Everton players any more  .  I love   them all equally  now ,  They all mean so much to Everton and to me  and I would hate to see any one of  the  Blue Boys leave. 
Goodison Park is one of the best places to be if you want to be somewhere that gives you goosebumps.  Every time I go inside , The Old Lady ,  the atmosphere is amazing  .  Z Cars  and  the Stadium itself , never fail to send a shiver down my spine . It truly is an amazing  place  to  be  and  I love it with a my heart . Everton will continue to put a smile on my face until the day  that  I die  . ** Me again , HOPEFULLY , a VERY LONG WAY AWAY ***    I will never stop supporting the Mighty Blues . Everton are NOT JUST the People’s Club 
They’re also My Club and I Love them , Us , very much .
Giordan-Ann .
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9 Responses to “I Love Everton by Giordan-Ann.”

  1. LCAB says:


    Simply TREMENDOUS ..

    When You’re 30 an writing for Cosmo – an put me in one of those Arl Folks Homes that do RAVES an Footy Party’s , Youl look back on this was fondness . Your DEBUT Piece …


    More please …!!!

    ACES , Giord’ .. #Mwa X

  2. Jackie says:

    What a fabulous debut piece. I can tell its from the heart. Everton gets to you that way. Ive supported the Blues for as long as I can remember – it becomes part of your life. Well done Giordon-Ann xx

  3. Lynne says:

    In the bad times i often wonder just what iv let my daughter in for, the pain that so often goes along with being an Evertonian, but during those times its her that reminds me why we were chosen. This girl is a blue thru and thru, and a pretty ace one too , not that im biased of course. X

  4. Carly says:

    Love this!! Honest and from the heart. Great stuff, keep up the good work :-) xx

  5. Ste says:

    A really great read, and you can see the passion really showing through with every paragraph.
    You can also see that there is a real talent there with writing, and at only 14 maybe it is something that you will make a career of.

  6. THT says:

    Boss read Giordan.

    Welcome to footyscene.com. We hope there is lots more to come from you. I’m sure you’ll have inspired lots of other girls / women to get involved.

    Nil Satis


  7. LCAB says:


    #BEAMS <<<

  8. Phil Evo says:

    What a great read Giordan I loved it, its filled with passion and love for our great club its people like you that make our club great… telling ye… well done

  9. Annabelle @EvertonianCamel says:

    I loved reading this. Proof that Everton has the greatest female fans in the world; our passion and knowledge is unrivalled, but then, I would say that wouldn’t I I look forward to reading more from you Giordan-Ann

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