Gareth Bale to Real Madrid?

Bale to Madrid ?


Former Real Madrid star Zinedine Zidane has spoken about his admiration of Tottenham Hotspur winger Gareth Bale’s form this season. Bale has been linked with a move to the Spanish Giants this summer and these comments will only re-ignite those rumours. The Welsh winger has been in scintillating form this season and has been instrumental in Tottenham’s chase for Champions League football next season.

Zidane said :

‘The problem is this year the player who has impressed me most is not actually playing in the Champions League.

He is playing in “the other cup” (Europa League), and that is (Gareth) Bale.

‘You can’t compare him, he is unique, he makes things look easy, his pace is frightening.

‘His acceleration is unbelievable because of his ability to go through the gears in very little space.

‘Plus, he is very good technically which is also important, we must not forget that he plays football well.

‘He’s really impressed me. I’ve seen him two or three times live, including recently at Lyon, which wasn’t necessarily his best game, but where every time he got the ball he can surprise you.’
The Spanish champions, who are currently coached by Jose Mourinho, are one of a number of  clubs to have been linked with the 23-year-old Welshman. The link to Madrid has been strengthened by Spurs partnership with Real in which will the two clubs work together in respect of players, coaching and commercial relationships.

However, Bale has so far given any indication that he wants to leave White Hart Lane. Should Spurs cement that top4 place which looks very likely, Bale may want to stay in London and test himself against Europe’s elite next season.

Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas has stated that Bale is integral to his plans and the former Chelsea boss would not relish the prospect of losing one of his most prized assets. Should Tottenham receive a bid for the former Southampton player would Spurs consider selling him for £30+ to re-invest in their squad ? Only Daniel Levy could answer that question. My guess is that it would take more than £35 million to prize Bale away from the lane.

I wonder if Spurs fans would consider selling him for £35+ million and re-investing in their clubs future? Going to be a very interesting summer at Tottenham, especially if Gareth Bale moves to Madrid !


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5 Responses to “Gareth Bale to Real Madrid?”

  1. Paul says:

    What a load of rubbish hahaha
    Gareth Bale to be sold for 35+ million! Hahaha
    More like 70+ mill
    Get Real!

    • THT says:


      The £35+ was a figure used the other day. I personally think Bale will stay but if he moves it will be closer to £45 million in my opinion. A huge amount of money.

      Thanks for your comment though.

  2. Erik says:

    What a load of utter nonsense.
    If Gabriel Batistuta said he thought Wayne Rooney was a great player, would that mean he was on his way to Fiorentina.
    Bale isn’t leaving, fact. Get over it. Spurs will be in the Champions League next season with their best player, with Vertonghen, with Dembele, with Walker, with Lloris, with Holtby etc etc and with some new signings.
    P.S. £35m wouldn’t by Gareth Bale’s genitals.

    • THT says:


      Zidane is part of Real Madrid staff and therefore makes his comments very interesting. Still you’re correct that if Gareth Bale does move it will be for more than £35 million.

  3. Sid says:


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