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David Moyes ; The Lee Harvey Oswald of the E.P.L.

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I may not be being Mr Vox-Pop upon this issue however I do believe these points need saying ergo I am about to say them .

In March 2002 David Moyes became Manager of Everton Football Club . At the time He Had Red Hair and VERY FEW of You Cared . OK . We would endure a decade of – as in any relationship , ups and downs . Personally I would proffer that there were many more ups than down’s . Our main problem was that the ups weren’t quite high enough . He was a genius – as regards the Toffees in the Transfer Market but was definitely limited as regards tactical flexibility particularly with the game going on . Moreover THT and Myself know of certain aspects of his tenure that do not sit with the Original Ginge Everton Legacy .

Furthermore I myself wrote a Piece on this pages in the aftermath of the Wigan Cup Debacle last March stating he should now go and – Big Up My Ego , be replaced by Roberto Martinez . It was time .  Nevertheless in the Hate-Swarm which has manifested his contemporary relationship with St. Domingo F.C. I have refrained from uttering one word about him . I instead chose to focus as it were upon our Hot New Girlfriend rather than our Ex . As regards his tenure at Manchester United I honestly believe he was A Patsy .

I also stated – in a different Piece on these pages stated that it was my belief that last season’s Title Side was the worst I could remember . Major Surgery was required . Yet the conduct of the Board at Manchester United as regards Transfer Policy for an incoming Manager without a Trophy in his career to replace an Icon , a Monolith and gave him a Pea-Shooter was bewildering .

The side itself has for 5 years required an injection of pace and power in Midfield , a complete new Defence . The absence of any significant Transfer Activity – to say nothing of the Board’s conduct when conducting that which they did do, was the Texas Book Depository Window . It was here that the absence of David Gill simply sought to reflect just how formidable had been his relationship with SAF as regards ruling the Premier League with a rod of iron .

In addition the conduct of the admittedly mediocre yet reigning Champions Squad has to a neutral observer been reprehensible . Robin Van Persie was the difference for Sir Alex Ferguson . For David Moyes he was the snowball which would eventually become the avalanche . For a 32 year old on £200,000 a week it is nasty . Paul Stretford being Paul Stretford saw the writing on the wall and got his client the also non-performing Wayne Rooney £300,000 a week . The focus was skewed from the off .

It is also my belief that Moyes did not help himself . The recruitment of Steve Round as First Team Coach absolutely amazed me at the time . It amazed me not one jot less five minutes before David Moyes was sacked . It was – on a Macro Level , Russian Roulette with a full barrel . In the wake of dismissing Ferguson’s Full Trophy Laden Staff and replace them with a Lad from Derby was madness . Phillip Neville was never going to be enough to bridge the gap . Furthermore 51 different starting X1′s in 51 games tells a story too .

Indeed Sir Alex Ferguson himself deserves to receive some brick-bats on this issue not simply for his recommendation but rather for upon knowing that his Board would not sanction Cristiano Ronaldo’s return that the side required major surgery and neglecting to implement it . He was the only person whom knew when he would leave . Yet he chose to leave the man he himself chose with that Midfield and that Defence . At that point whomever replaced him at Manchester United without Manchester City’s Budget the job was toxic .For David Moyes  it was the Rifle on the Grassy Knoll .

It also has to be said that Manchester United F.C. PLC’s handling of yeasterday’s leak is in honesty the Anti-Theatre Of Dreams . It was stomach churning and utterly unbecoming of the Globe’s largest Football Club . As for Ginge his E.P.L. reputation is in tatters this morning if is bank balance is not . I therefore foresee a Celtic shaped future for the Lid . It makes sense on every level .

Therefore we as Evertonians are happy this morning . In my case it has absolutely nothing to do with this morning’s news but rather that Roberto has given us our dream .

The School Of Science ; It’s on it’s way BACK !!!

As for David Moyes he is Lee Harvey Oswald . A Patsy .


#UpTheToffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss !!!

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Peace Out

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