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Dave Parky’s ; More Than Just A Crest

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Plenty has been tweeted,written and spoken of since Everton quite sneakily attempted to release details of the clubs “new crest”. The way in which the whole thing was rolled out, to me shown up the club for what we are at the minute. Were many football fans believe we overachieve on the field of play, myself and seemingly 20,000 Evertonians believe we underachieve off it.

Something as relevant as the clubs official crest being changed so dramatically, the image and wording so associated with our great club to be altered so, surely any large business trading on the scale Everton do ,on the platform that Everton are on, surely a grander presentation and unveiling should of been done, perhaps with players modelling new kit and memorabilia on catwalks in-front of local and national media or the new manager holding aloft a new scarf and wearing new training kit. But no Everton chose to release details via the club website almost through the back door. Ive often noted to friends when discussing politics how often it is our Government and many others choose days and weeks to bury bad news. Sadly I  believe that has played some part atleast of what has happened here.

Evertonians are seemingly going into meltdown already with regards to our managerial situation (no shame in admitting I am one of them)  As the club have taken their time and insisting they are listening to the fans maybe they thought we would all be too pre-occupied to notice something as small as the rebranding of our heritage. Re-branding is exactly what it is. We are a club steeped in history proud of our image and tradition. Admittedly the crest we have come to love since 1993 before that time had seen many variations and if we are to continue to move with the times and stay relevant to a worldwide audience I agree a slight change may of been needed. However many Blues are seeing this “new crest” as a way of lowering our standards and it is easy to see why they would.

The club without further investment to the tune of say £20 million each summer to spend on squad strengthening in my opinion have hit the roof, we can’t go through it. It has to be the main reason as to why David Moyes has left the club he has taken so obviously to his hearts. I may be wrong but the easy decision he had would of been made all the more difficult had Bill been able to say ” ok ive done it, you have the funds this summer to make us great again”. But he didn’t and our manager was given the chance to fullfill his ambitions elsewhere in a role at a club only a mad man would say not to. We have tried under David Moyes to win, to succeed, to be worthy of the words “nil satis nisi optimum” to be worthy of having victory wreathes on our crest once more and not just as a celebratory nod to our past. Has the board simply decided, it cant be done?.

For me the way in which we pandered to Manchester United over Mr Moyes departure smacked of small time. Would the great Sir John Moores have let this happen to his club. He famously sacked manager John Carey in a taxi cab, Carey had just guided Everton to their highest league finish in some years of 5th Mr Moores as he was known back then knew this wasnt good enough and duly brought in Harry Catterick.

Would Sir John of let Manchester United bully Everton in such a way. The Moyes to United story broke when Man United wanted it to , it played out how Man United wanted it to, we weren’t even a second thought, even now with Moyes still under contract at Everton but organising his backrooom staff and sorting out Manchester United player contracts we are still excuse the term “being humped by United” in a way that does not satisfy*.

An interesting aside to the unveiling of the “new crest” was some hours later the club posted details of a prestigous pre-season tournament in the USA. Proudly they told us how Everton would be alongside the names of Real Madrid, the two Milan giants,Juventus and Benfica. And there was us Everton only not Everton. I imagine the Benfica legend Eusebio (a visitor to Goodison and Everton on numerous occasions since his appearance for Portugal in 66.) sitting at home “What a prestigous tournament for my club Benfica to be involved in, particuarly special that Everton the club whose home I am so fond of is playing to. But hold on thats not Everton that” . Again though the timing of this “new crest” being introduced I feel had more to do with the commercial organisers in the USA than it did with Everton football club wanting to do it now.

In and ideal world I believe the club would want and should have waited untill we appoint and unviel our new manager, making it a massive signal of intent , this is our new era we will live upto our standards our traditions, “nil satis nisi optimum” shall remain , perhaps sadly not on our crest but in everything else we do, this is a bolder, stronger more forward thinking Everton. David Moyes has built the platform but now this new era of (insert latest bookies favourite as applicable) will take us on to the next level were we will create new histories for our son’s , daughters and grandchildren to talk about.

(sorry if i got a little carried away there). But imagine for one moment the club did this. Would we all be a little less forgiving, if they said we have tried to meet certain standards over the last 11 years but the next 11 will be about exceeding those standards. If the club we love started to show and believe and realise as we do that they are big time. Would we forgive them this change . Many would, many wouldn’t however I dont think we would have a petition with 20,000 plus names on. Everton have not done that they have chosen the low road. And in my opinion shown true what many Blues also believe this board does not have the balls to take us forward and put us were we belong.

As for next season I still am not sure if I will uphold my promise of not buying kit or merchandise, as recently as yesterday I had a bit of a disagreement with a close friend on the matter. I do know that if that badge remains and is planted up high for all to see on the main stand. The pilgrimage to Goodison may not seem so special , those shivers may not be the same it will still be my Everton forever more but a bit of whats special has been taken away, and I think its trust. Do I trust the current owners and stewards of our great club to take us forward?.

This is more than just a crest. Its a way of life.

Dave Parky .


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