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So, why the fan unrest?

A picture of Bill Kenwright flashed upon the Goodison Park Jumbotrone. First there was a ripple of boos, which was eventually overwhelmed by cheers. In that moment the silent majority of fans signalled their support for Bill Kenwright or did it signal fans dislike of the Blue Union?

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Now doesn’t this make you smile? COYB

I’m 29, and Everton have always been part of my life thanks to my dad. I’ve seen us win those beautiful silver trophies and i’ve seen us very nearly get relegated (my nails still haven’t grown back properly)

The one constant i’ve always had throughout those both brilliant and turbulent footballing years is the fact that i was born an Evertonian, and i support my club through the highs and lows. I love Everton.

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7. Juninho

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Football Icon. 7 : Juninho

Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Jr. aka Juninho Pernambucano (born Recife, Pernambucano, Brazil, 30th January 1975) began his career at hometown club Sport Club do Recife, playing futsal for their youth team until being awarded a senior contract in 1993.

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