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11. Sir Bobby Robson


Today’s Icon , is actually a strange one , in that despite being employed as Manager in some of Europe’s biggest Clubs , as well as the England Boss’s job , and enjoying a career of over 50 years in the game , he would actually only manage his true love , his hometown Club , Newcastle United , for a few short years prior to his retirement , and even then , not being fully appreciated when he finally did . He was also amongst the most generically popular figures ever  in the British Game , with few if any ever having a bad word for him .  Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you , Sir Bobby Robson .

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10. New York Cosmos




Football Icon 10 : New York Cosmos

The classification criteria for this article has been tricky . It would immediately go straight into the M.L.S. Section , one would imagine , but then , World Football could also have an argument . However , my personal preference would be as a Football Icon . The reason I plump for Icons , is their criterion in not merely affecting notoriety on the field , but to having a legitimate influence upon Supporters and Society in general . Well , for a short period in the Mid – 1970’s until the early 1980’s , the New York Cosmos can reasonably said to have accomplished this , all the more laudable in a Country not generally conducive to the wiles of The Beautiful Game .

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9. Dino Zoff



Football Icon 9 : Dino Zoff

Dino Zoff was born February 28, 1942 in an Italian village called Mariano del Friuli. Dino was the son of a Farmer in Northern Italy’s agricultural hotbed. Having a keen interest in football since childhood Dino wanted to play for a professional club and had trials hwoever, clubs like Italian giants like Juventus and Internazionale felt that Zoff was too small for them to take a chance on despite only being aged 14 at the time. Five years on and Zoff’s displays for his village team, Marianese, began to interest the scouts at nearby Udinese. In the 5 years that had passed since young Dino Zoff’s trials with Juve and Inter he had grown an incredible 33 inches which gave him the chance to fulfill his dream of being a professional goalkeeper as his height was no longer an issue. The scouts had been suitably impressed and soon Zoff was left his job as a motor mechanic to sign professional forms.

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8. Brian Clough



Football Icon  8 : Brian Clough

The task of entering today’s recipient into the Site’s Hall Of Fame was a relatively simple one . Its qualification criteria , football ; Check ; Impact on Supporters ; Check , Influence upon Wider Society on any level ; Certainly . The Man was being imitated in Pubs , Clubs , Building Sites and Factories all over the land . … “ Young Maaaaaaaan … “ He was , for 30 of his last 40 years of the Planet , a By-Word amongst UK Society , and certainly it’s Media ; for the Game itself . Certainly of Football Management . I would , therefore, Ladies and Gentleman , propose Brian Howard Clough as a prospective member of the Hall Of Fame .

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7. Juninho




Football Icon. 7 : Juninho

Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Jr. aka Juninho Pernambucano (born Recife, Pernambucano, Brazil, 30th January 1975) began his career at hometown club Sport Club do Recife, playing futsal for their youth team until being awarded a senior contract in 1993.

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6. Ajax Academy



6. Football Icon : Ajax Academy

Further to our series upon World Football , today we cast a glance at the Ajax Academy supply line which had turned a – with respect ; Small to Middle-Size Club , as regards Average European Gates , into one of instant Global Renown . Ajax F.C. have utilised what is now known as , The Academy System for over 40 years , in the process winning 5 European Cups and becoming elevated to the very top table of World Football.

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5. Jules Rimet


Football Icon 5 : Jules Rimet

In what will likely be of the the more concise of our Football Icons Series , today we cast our focus upon the Founder of the Post-Modern World Championships , yet , whom personally , for an individual with such a Soccer Legacy , remains relatively anonymous to the Global Football Loving Clientele .

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4. Zico


Football Icon 4 : Zico

Football being Football , conjecture and argument are part-and-parcel of the game . It is about Opinions , as somebody once said . Well , upon the issue of the 1982 World Cup , or indeed the Question , as to which was the Finest Side never to win the World Cup ? The Focus of today’s piece , when at the peak of his powers , had a legitimate argument to be included in both .

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