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The task of entering today’s recipient into the Site’s Hall Of Fame was a relatively simple one . Its qualification criteria , football ; Check ; Impact on Supporters ; Check , Influence upon Wider Society on any level ; Certainly . The Man was being imitated in Pubs , Clubs , Building Sites and Factories all over the land . … “ Young Maaaaaaaan … “ He was , for 30 of his last 40 years of the Planet , a By-Word amongst UK Society , and certainly it’s Media ; for the Game itself . Certainly of Football Management . I would , therefore, Ladies and Gentleman , propose Brian Howard Clough as a prospective member of the footyscene.com Hall Of Fame .

Born in Middlesborough on March 1935 . His Father worked as a Sugar Boiler for a time and later had his own Shop . Brian’s Dear Mother stayed at home with their Children . Despite being a bright lad , Cloughie , like many others , failed his 11-plus due mainly to his not being interested . Sport , was what held his attention . His academic abilities would surface later of their own accord . The 6th of Nine Children , he described his as a , Perfect Childhood , as many , whom admittedly , had nothing , often did . It was the innocence . The Great Britain of The British , when Working Class People looked out for each other , would NEVER steal , con or otherwise seek to profit over their neighbours and friends . It was actually rather widespread . Naturally there WERE thieves and Scalls but in general , folks were decent . Cloughie , like Shankly and indeed , Jock Stein , took this on board and it would influence his Adult Self .Ironically , it was Cricket , not Football which held Young Brian’s attention as a Youth . Indeed , he later admitted that , Scoring a Test Match Hundred at Lords was his dearest wish as a Boy , rather than a Wembley Winner . I can empathise with that , Meself . Nevertheless , it was his feet via which Brian’s future would be determined , though after working at ICI , and doing his National Service . Prior to entering the R.A.F. , he turned out for Billingham Synphonia which in turn saw him return the fold of his Home Town Club , Middlesborough – where he had been spent 2 years as a Youth ; immediately following his De-Mob . To say he , Hit The Ground Running , is an understatement . Prolific , also does not do him justice . Brian Clough played 213 Games and scored an utterly mind-blowing 197 goals – some sources actually state that it was 202 Goals . Go on .. Re-read those stats and ask – despite ‘Boro being in the Second Tier of English Football at the time ; what would he be worth in the contemporary Market Place ??? An amazing amount of money . THAT is for Damn Sure .

Due to his not playing weekly in the Top Division , Brian struggled – despite his goal ratio to establish himself with the National Team . He made 3 starts for England U-23 ; 1 goal , One for England B ; 1 goal , and 2 games at Full International , without scoring , all these coming during his time at Ayresome Park . He would have noted another game , in which playing for the Football League Vs League of Ireland , the English won 5-0 with Cloughie scoring all 5 . He also played for The F.A. X1 against a British Army Side . Again , they won 5-0 . AGAIN , Cloughie scored all 5 .

However , never one to shirk controversy , Brian Clough accused some of his team-mates of betting AGAINST ‘Boro , and deliberately conceding goals – for Evertonians , this is the climate , ultimately within which Tony Kay was eventually snagged . Naturally , this did nothing for Team Spirit . Indeed , 9 First Team Members Petitioned the Club to have him removed as Skipper . This in turn saw Brian submit a series of Transfer Requests . Sunderland , Middlesborough’s Local Rivals , submitted a bid of £42,000 in the Summer of 1961 and Cloughie was bound for Roker Park . Just an aside , 2 of Clough’s Ex-Middlesborough Team Mates were subsequently suspended from Football , sine die , and both served Prison Sentences for their part in Bribery Scandals which I noted earlier . Two other players left the Game in disgrace but allegations of their involvement remained unproven .

Mackems , I’m sure would look upon Cloughie as a Gary Lineker type figure ,as from the perspective of Evertonians . Though for utterly differing reasons , both clubs saw an absolute Goal-Machine , join , steal the hearts of The Faithful , before disappearing in what felt like , The Blink Of An Eye . Clough , would play only 62 Games for the Roker Park Outfit , scoring an incredible 57 goals . However , on Boxing Day 1962 , in a clash with the Bury Goalkeeper , he suffered a Knee Cruciate Ligament injury – often the Death Knell upon a Player’s Career . Despite struggling on for a further 2 years , he would play only 3 more games before being forced to retire , at the age of 29 . Sunderland duly awarded him a lucrative Testimonial Match – almost unheard of for a Player with 62 Appearances . . However , the same Directors whom had rewarded him financially , soon after pulled a collective grimace , as George Hardwick , the Manager of the day , appointed Brian as Youth Team Coach . The Board – not unreasonably , regarded Clough as , A Loud-Mouthed Upstart , whom would duly cause trouble . In any event , he led the Youth Team to the Northern Intermediate League , League and Cup double , before , in 1965 , being approached by Hartlepools United – Yes ; It WAS called Hartlepools United then ; with a view to being their Manager – apparently on the recommendations of both Hardwick and Len Shackleton , another Wearside Legend ; which he accepted . Among his first tasks was the appointment of his former Middlesborough Team Mate , Peter Taylor as Assistant Manager . Brian Clough was the Youngest Manager in the Football League .

At the time , Hartlepools were perennial Re-Election candidates – those relegated were forced to apply for ; and usually received , Re-Election to the Football League . Brian Clough often worked without wages , but also toured the local hostelries of the area with a bucket , collecting cash . In addition , he took out a P.S.V. Licence in order that he could drive the bus to away fixtures . Among the Players whom came to his notice during this period were a Goalkeeper brought in from Nuneaton Borough – Les Green , and a local outfield player , one ., John McGovern . More of those later . Now , any scenario involving Brian Howard Clough and Football Club Chairmen and Directors , was always going to be eventful . And this one was to be no different , as Ernie Ord , erstwhile Chairman , and himself with somewhat of a reputation of showing Managers whom was REALLY in charge , sacked both Clough and Taylor . However , in a response so typically Cloughie , Brian approached the other Board Members and effectively staged a coup d’etat , and ousted Ord . Nevertheless , the reputation of the pair within the game was growing , and they were duly approached to be Manager and Assistant Manager of Derby County Football Club – as Cloughie called it . They accepted , whilst the team they had been formulating went on to the first Promotion in the history of the Club .Upon his arrival , Derby County were rooted near the foot of Division 2 – the Championship of today . They had been out of the Top Flight for 5 Years . Their initial Season saw them finish actually a place lower than the previous Management Team , however , theirs was a longer-term remit . McFarland , O’Hare , Hinton , and the afore-mentioned Les Green , In Goal , arrived , as he got rid of the deadwood . Indeed , of the Players he inherited , only 4 were retained , Hector , Durban , Webster and Boulton . All would later play parts in successful Derby County Teams . Clough fired not only the 11 Players , Club Secretary , Chief Scout and Groundsman , but also 2 Tea Ladies he heard laughing after a Home defeat !!! This was Cloughie . He added 2 further Players , Carlin and the pivotal signing of Dave Mackay – a Roy Keane type of Captain / Midfielder / Driving Force , whom was already held in huge respect within the game . The side began to knit almost immediately , going on to become Second Division Champions in 1968/69 . In their first season back in Division 1 , Derby County finished a reputable 4th , but were barred from European Competition due to previous financial irregularities . No matter , in 1970 , Derby County lifted The Watney Cup . A now defunct Competition which was By Invitation , and comprised the leading scoring Teams in all 4 Divisions- 2 from each ; for a Pre-Season Tournament . Furthermore , in 1971/72 , Derby County won The Texaco Cup . A 16 Club Tournament , made up of Teams not in European Competition . Initially open to English , Irish and Scots Sides , the Irish withdrew making it Anglo-Caledonian . They defeated Airdrieonians in the Final , over 2 legs , 2-1 . Though , a far more alluring , and to Clough , personally satisfying Trophy was that of the English First Division Championship which Derby lifted in 1971/72 . Famously discovering that both Leeds and our Crimson Cousins had been beaten , thus Derby County had won the League ; whilst on a beach in the Scilly Isles . Once more , utterly Brian Clough .

Speaking of which , only weeks after the pinnacle of his career to date , Brian refused to go on a Pre-Season Tour of Holland and Germany , unless his Family were allowed to travel with him . The then Chairman , Mr . Sam Longson , advised his Manager that , “ This was a Working Trip . Not a Holiday . “ Clough then sent Taylor in his stead , and Battle Lines Had Been Drawn . Fuel was thrown on an already well alight , Fire , when the Management Duo , with the Board unaware , negotiated the signing of David Nish , the Leicester City Full Back , for a then Record Transfer Fee , of £225,000 . Whilst , the Derby Executives ultimately sanctioned the move , not only was Clough warned that , There would be No More Signings like Nish … but also set the 2 sides even further apart , in what , remember was only weeks after the dream of winning the First Division !!! Then , once more , Archetypal Brian , in September , Derby come from behind to defeat Liverpool , 2-1 . Post-Game , Cloughie attacks the Derby Fans for , only Singing when we were ahead . You should Sing when we’re behind !!! He went on to tag them , Disgraceful . The next day , Longson , apologised to the Supporters and publicly distanced himself and The Board from The Manager’s comments .

The following Season , Derby failed to retain , or even mount a significant challenge to their Title , but did manage an unprecedented Semi-Final of the European Cup , eventually losing to Juventus Torino , 3-1 . Upon the conclusion of the Match , Clough refused to address the Italian Media , stating , “ No Cheating Bastards !!! I will not talk to Cheating Bastards ..” He also went on to cast aspersions over the Italians’ conduct during WW2 ,… It must be said that , On His Way Up , Brian Clough had certainly , Let His Thoughts Be Known , on various High-Profile Figures in the Game . Alan Hardaker , F.A. Chairman , Sir Alf Ramsay , Sir Matt Busby and especially Don Revie . Having already spoken publicly on Bremner , Hunter , Lorimer and others , in August 1973 , Brian Clough , as Derby County Manager , put his name to an article in a Sunday Newspaper decrying Leeds United’s disciplinary record , noting that Revie should be fined for encouraging his Players , and Leeds be relegated to Division 2 . He also stated that , The Governing Body had , missed an opportunity to clean up the game , in one swoop ,.. And raised potential , Vested Interests .

Not unsurprisingly , he was charged with Bringing The Game Into Disrepute , which was later dropped following his departure from Derby . Bizarrely , in September the same year, he travelled to The Boleyn Ground , West Ham and made a £400,000 joint bid for Bobby Moore and Trevor Brooking . Ron Greenwood , United’s Manager refused the approach but promised to pass it on to his Directors . Clough though , never mentioned the bid to his Board , neither before nor afterwards . It was only later , via a conversation with West Ham’s Secretary that Chairman Longson became aware . He was not amused , unsurprisingly , and approached his fellow Directors for a mandate to remove both Clough and Taylor with immediate effect . He was denied . However , 2 days later , after a win at Old Trafford , another Director , Jack Kirkland wanting to know what Taylor’s actual Role was within The Club . He then accused Clough of making a V Sign to ( Sir ) Matt Busby , and demanded he apologise . Cloughie refused , citing he hadn’t made the gesture in the first place . The Director then stated that all Media Work would cease and also – pointedly that the Bar was no longer available to either Manager or Assistant .

Brian Clough resigned as Manager of Derby County F.C. in October 1973 . It was in fact , the second occasion he had tendered his resignation – both he and Taylor had agreed to join Coventry City 18 months earlier , only to be made an improved offer , at the eleventh hour by Longson , and they agreed to forego the charms of Jimmy Hill , and remain where they were . This time there would be no U-Turn . The Derby Fans petitioned the Board for their immediate re-instatement and a No Confidence Vote in the Chairman . In the event , neither occurred , but Clough was joined in the Exodus by , of course , Taylor , but also Back-Room Staff and Scouts .

That was handy , as within weeks Clough , in another Typically-Typical Clughie Utterly Left-Field Move , joins Third Division Brighton & Hove Albion . All his erstwhile Staff join him . However , for the First , and really Only time in his Management Career , Brian did not turn the Club around . Nor anything like it ,in honesty . He was in charge for 32 Games , winning only 12 . Furthermore , notable defeats , 0-4 at home to Walton & Hersham in the F.A. Cup – in fairness , not long after his appointment , but also , 2-8 to Bristol Rovers , also at The Goldstone Ground . This time , he was fully in control . Brighton eventually finished in an ignominious 19th place – which today would have seen them relegated . As it was , they escaped . But not by much . However , as with many things concerning the career of the Man from Middlesborough , one should , expect the unexpected . The prime example of which was , once more , on a Beach in the Mediterranean , he was approached by Leeds United to succeed Don Revie whom had left to become England Manager .

Now , there has been a Film upon the whole Cloughie At Leeds episode , and thus I will not focus thereupon , but I feel we should briefly highlight the circumstances of such a move , as , left-Field , doesn’t quite say it . First , Brian Clough despised Leeds United . Everything except the Players themselves – whom he believed were instructed to act as they did , was a complete anathema to him . As for Revie , their mutual disdain , when viewed in retrospect , is staggering , upon a number of levels , not least the respective Clubs sanctioning such public – T.V. Studio , slanging matches Indeed , as anyone whom has seen the Film will testify , his first words to his new squad were , Throw all Your medals in the bin . You got them by cheating … This has been corroborated by the Players as FACT .

Furthermore , the England Thing …. Brian Clough never made any secret of his desire to be England Football Manager , nor of his qualifications to do the job … However , his tendency to , Shoot-From-The-Lip , and often focus upon his own Chairman and Directors and those of other Teams , as well as The Football Association itself , effectively put paid to that . Indeed , even today he would struggle to get away with some of the things he did , as regards Managing The National Team . In the Mid-70’s , he had no chance . Incidentally , Revie’s ultimate betrayal in walking out for the Dubai Gold-Geld , allied to England’s Non-Qualification for both 1974 and 1978 World Cups , having been Champions themselves in 1966 , reinforced Clough’s case in retrospect . however , hindsight , as they do say , is 20/20 vision ,…

Nevertheless , he did take over at Elland Road , despite the furore . The first significant aspect was that Peter Taylor did not join him . He made a few signings almost immediately , bringing John McGovern in from Derby , whence he had taken him from Hartlepools , and also one , Duncan McKenzie , he of Mini-Jumping , Cricket Ball Throwing , an’ Tommy Smith bamboozling , from Nottingham Forest . His first game was the Charity Shield at Wembley , where he would face Bill Shankly and Liverpool . Now , despite having fallen out with most high profile figures in the game , Clough respected Shanks enormously . Nevertheless , the game was a bad tempered affair , to the extent that both Kevin Keegan , and Bremner , the Leeds Captain were sent off for having a stand-up fist fight on the pitch . The first dismissals in any Wembley Showpiece as I recall . This was where I first became aware of Brian Clough , The Personality . Before , as Derby Boss , they were decent , we weren’t . He had little impact upon my life . However , when he manages a side that chins Kevin Keegan at Wembley , LCAB takes notice !!!

Whatever the case , and as most will be aware , his reign as Leeds Supremo – I’ve ALWAYS wanted to use that term … was to be all too short lived . Incredibly so . In fact , only 44 days – and 6 games , of which he lost four . It couldn’t continue of course . Also , he couldn’t be said to have lost , the Dressing Room , having never , Had It , to begin with !!! It does not reflect well upon the Players either , that they apparently simply refused to play for him , and Clough , ever the pragmatist , when approached by the same Directors whom only 6 weeks ago had appointed him , that things weren’t working , simply negotiated a hefty leaving compensation plan – reported to be £98,000 . At the time a huge fee . Still , the fact was that , once more , Brian clough was out of work , though his last act as departing Boss was to advise the Local press ; … This is a terrible day …. For Leeds United …

Over Christmas 1974 , Clough had been approached by Derby’s main rivals , Nottingham Forest with a view to replacing their incumbent Manager Allan Brown . Ever cantankerous , the enmity aspect bothered him not a jot . Brown kept his job for a further fortnight , but in January 1975 , he was relieved of his position , and following a short discussion , Brian Clough was offered , and accepted the tenure of Nottingham Forest Football Club . At the time , Forest were below mid-table in the Second Division . His first game was an F.A. Cup 3rd Round Tie versus Tottenham Hotspur at the City Ground . Totally against the form-book , Nottingham Forest triumphed , 1-0 , and he was off , as regards winning over the Fans – his Derby connotations . For their initial season , the duo concentrated on Building A Club , not necessarily just a Team . Certainly , they wanted to win , always , but they also , after Derby wanted something more substantial . More solid .

In his second season in charge , Clough led Forest to Promotion back to the First Division . By now it WAS His Team . Players such as Woodcock , Anderson , Birtles and the Old Warrior , Bowyer , had either been promoted or retained , and others , Burns , Lloyd , Clark , were considered surplus to requirements elsewhere . Perhaps the most striking aspect though was his tendency to re-sign players he had worked with previously . Specifically at Derby County McGovern , Gemmill , O’Hare , and others , all came in , in I’m sure what would not have been the most salubrious of circumstances as regards relations between the Supporters of Clough’s 2 Midlands Teams . Brian Clough did not bat an eye-lid . What he did do was to proceed to the Championship of England’s Second Tier , and a chance at once more Pitting His Wits against the Game’s Top Names .

As fortune would have it , Forest’s first game back in Division 1 was away at Goodison Park , Everton . While I noted earlier that Cloughie originally came into my personal awareness as Leeds United Boss , well it was as Nottingham Forest Manager that I first learnt of his Powers , up close and personal . That summer , 1977 , Everton had , on the back of a F.A. Cup Semi Final and a first ever League Cup Final the previous season , purchased a new Scots Goalkeeper – Hmmmm ; George Wood ; a winger with his socks rolled down from QPR , Dave Thomas and the winner of the previous campaign’s BBC MOTD Goal Of The Season , whilst a Blackpool Player ; Mickey Walsh . These , allied to Latchford , Dobson , King , Lyons , Pejic , gave us legitimate optimism . The day dawned sunny and God was in His Heaven . At least , He was until the sides took to the pitch ….

Nottingham Forest were awesome . Whilst we did not play badly , they were on another level – in , what , remember , was their initial game back at this level . They ran out 3-1 victors , but in truth it could have been 13 . All I recall from the day was Viv Anderson , Forest’s Black Full Back flashing past Me and My Mate in his speck in the enclosure . Also Woodcock’s mobility , pace and eye for goal . However , in perhaps Clough’s Piece De Resistance as regards Transfer Purchases throughout his career , had signed Peter Shilton from Stoke City . Aware that all truly great sides need a great Goalkeeper , simply went out and purchased the finest available . It would repay itself many times over during the following seasons . Nottingham Forest went on to tear up not only the First Division as they became Champions , but also defeated Liverpool in the League Cup Final at Wembley .

In the process Brian Clough became the first man since Herbert Chapman to lift the League Title with more than one Club .Clough realised he needed reinforcements if he were to have a legitimate assault upon the European Cup . Amongst others , and well into the European Campaign , he made THE signing of the decade in truth in capturing Trevor Francis from Birmingham City for £1m . The Million Pound Barrier , though having recently been broken by Manchester City in purchasing Steve Daly from Wolves . However , the Fee continued to Weigh Heavily upon the Midfielder , and there was a definite stigma attached . Thus , Clough insisted upon , £999,999 .. However , The Media said £1M . £1M it was . Amazingly , just as he had done with the Football League a year previously , Brian Clough took his Nottingham Forest side of Journeyman , Has-Beens and Never-Weres , plus Francis and Shilton to a European Cup Final at the first attempt where they were to meet Malmo of Sweden . In a typical Boy’s Own Script , the winning goal in a 1-0 victory was scored by the £1M Striker , but more pointedly , made by the man Clough had taken from the back of beyond , whom looked at least 2 stone overweight , but for a 3-4 year period was as good as any wide midfielder / winger in World Football . John Robertson . Thus , Brian Clough and , it must be said , Peter Taylor took the European Cup back to the City of Nottingham . Liverpool had regained he Title as Forest’s inexperience showed , but they did retain the League Cup , triumphing over Alan Ball’s Southampton . The season in a nutshell was simply an incredible achievement . Speaking of which , in Clough’s own words , he cited his finest achievement as the unbeaten 42 game run from November 1977 to December 1978 – the equivalent of a Full Season . Ironically , and a little sad , it stood until a month prior to his death in August 2004 , whence it was taken by Arsenal .

Irrespective , as with all great Managers , and certainly will be a facet common to those chosen in this Icons Series , Clough was back at work – after the compulsory Family Visit to Majorca , weeks later , plotting the coming Campaign and paying scant regard to that which had just gone . Once more , and in an even greater triumph , Brian Clough steered his Nottingham Forest Team to a further European Cup Final . This time to face Kevin Keegan’s Hamburger SV . Last year’s Hero , Francis , was absent injured and the mercurial though undoubtedly gifted Stan Bowles had walked out on the Squad prior to the game . No matter , Clough chose a non-descript – with respect , midfielder in his stead and proceeded like nothing had happened . The Nottingham Outfit went on to Victory , this time with Robertson himself , scoring – and in doing so announcing the presence of an overweight , smoker , Jocky Wilson lookalike as a genuine contender for European Player Of The Year . Once more , typically Brian Clough . The Domestic Campaign suffered this season as they slipped to a still respectable 4th , while they reached yet another League Cup Final , though this time vanquished by yet another Ex-E vertonian , Andy Gray and Wolverhampton Wanderers .

If truth be known , Clough’s Forest saw a relative decline in fortunes over the next 6/7 years . There were various factors involved . the predominant one being the departure of Peter Taylor as Clough’s Number 2 ; Other Club’s having come calling for their better players . Birtles to Manchester United . Woodcock and Anderson to Arsenal . Furthermore , Clough’s own bad purchases , Ian Wallace and Justin Fashanu both spring to mind , allied to him being simply , Brian Clough , with all that that entailed . Nevertheless , he began to build another great side . This time with Youth as its Foundation Stone . Indeed , he couldn’t have invested personally anything more , as his own Son , Nigel was now Nottingham Forest’s Number Nine . Furthermore , one of his Derby and Forest Stalwarts , Archie Gemmill’s Son was in midfield . They finally began to establish themselves with a further , for Cloughie , League Cup Victory , over Luton Town in 1989 . However , in a cruel irony , Clough’s Young Side were drawn against Liverpool in the F.A. Cup . At Hillsborough . I cannot speak for Forest , but as an Evertonian whom ultimately faced Liverpool in the Final of that Year’s Competition , it felt like we were already cast as Bridesmaids . That Fate , and The Nation had decided that there could only be one winner of the F.A. Cup in 1989 . In any event , Forest were overcome , and Cloughie had still not realised his dream of winning the F.A. Cup . One aside , he DID get to life a Trophy at Wembley that year – over and above the League Cup , as in April , with Myself and My 4 Year Old Son in attendance , Nottingham Forest overcame Everton 4-3 in the Simod Cup , in what was a game fit for the Wembley Stage . Absolutely top class attacking football replete with at least 5 absolutely memorable goals . I admit , I was most impressed . Me Boy , less so , in truth . Another oft forgotten aspect of that Campaign , is that Forest finished 3rd in the League . In other words , Clough’s second great Forest Team was beginning to earn the sobriquet .

Season 1989/90 saw Forest fall markedly in the Championship – to 9th , but reach a further League Cup Final , beating Joe Royles’s Oldham , 1-0 , as the Trophy almost became the Manager’s personal plaything . 1991 saw Clough achieve his annual Wembley visitation and achieve his Lifetime Ambition upon reaching the F.A. Cup Final to face Tottenham Hotspur . Once more , as with much of Brian Clough’s career , fate , either good or bad , appeared inextricably linked , as the Forest Manager’s Big Day was taken away , literally within 2 minutes , as Paul Gascoigne , still wired from meeting Princess Diana , rushed around like the proverbial Headless Chicken , assaulted Gary Charles , went out of the Final , and despite an eventual Italian Sojourn , and a few cameos aside ; out of top class European Football , and in doing so , allied to Forest’s eventual demise via the head of one its most dependable souls , Des Walker , was to be Brian Clough’s last shot at the F.A. Cup . He did manage – of course he bid , one last , Adieu , to the League Cup as Nottingham Forest were defeated by Manchester United .

The following Season 1992/93 was to be Clough’s last . The sale of Players such as Teddy Sheringham and Des Walker , allied to the rise of Player Power , in addition to by now , Clough’s worsening Alchoholism all served to deal Brian one last , bloody cruel and undeserved , hand , as Forest were Relegated from the First Division on the last day of the season .

The idiosyncratic side of Clough is so vast , that I would be here for another 5,000 words if I were to focus thereupon . Rather , I shall highlight a few areas . First , his eye for a player . He cared not for surroundings , Birtles Laid Carpets , later Davenport played for Cammel Lairds , Ian Woan couldn’t get his shirt off My Brother-In-Law at West Kirby , yet won medals with Cloughie . Stan Bowles , Gambler , Drinker but sublimely talented Footballer . Cloughie took him . Burns was a non-achieving Centre Forward at Birmingham . Brian bought him , stopped his excesses , kind of curbed his disciplinary problems and made him into one of the finest defenders in Europe . Countless others too . However , he could also be not just tough , but brutal . His treatment of Justin Fashanu’s Sexual Orientation was cruel . End of . Yet , he was also a noted Socialist his whole life and once seriously considered – encouraged by the Labour Party itself , running for Parliament . His friends , with the exception of Taylor , stayed loyal to him . His Club’s Fans Worship Him still . Moreover , Cloughie himself admitted he wanted the Everton Manager’s Job , prior to Gordon Lee being appointed . My Dad would have been delighted should that have happened . I would suggest that so would a generation of Evertonians . Then , of course , there was Cloughie’s tongue ,..

Again , Brian Clough has been quoted that many times , so I shall not do too many , but just a few .. Rome wasn’t built in a day . But I wasn’t on that job … Players win you games . Not tactics . There’s so much rubbish talked about tactics by people who can barely win at dominoes … Young Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan … And finally , … If someone at Forest disagrees with me , we go into my office , we sit down and discuss it . Then we agree that I was right all along ….

Brian Clough , as a Footballer , was statistically the deadliest marksman to have played in the Football / Premier League . Better than Dixie Dean , better than all numbers of Lower league hotshots . Better than ,…

One final St. Domigo link ; when we played Rapid Vienna in Rotterdam , I went . I never saw the DVD until relatively recently . In it , Cloughie doing the Commentary , says of Kendall’s Men – this will be the team of the next decade . Praise indeed , but as it turned out , it would only be for the ext , Pre-Heysel , fortnight .

Brian Clough was a Big Personality at a time in the game of Big Personalities , yet held his own with them all . He lived for his family and the game of football , and affected fans of all his clubs but also those of football generally to a tremendous degree .Though ,I would suggest if you were to somehow ask him his greatest regret , I would wager he would say the manner of the breakdown of his relationship with Peter Taylor . He sadly died in August 2004 .

Cloughie was like Marmite . You either loved him or you didn’t . Many in Power did not . Many others however , certainly did . Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you , Brian Clough ; Inductee to our Football Icons Hall Of Fame .

Written In Britain .

Look After Your Peoples .

Peace Out .


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