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6. Football Icon : Ajax Academy

Further to our series upon World Football , today we cast a glance at the Ajax Academy supply line which had turned a – with respect ; Small to Middle-Size Club , as regards Average European Gates , into one of instant Global Renown . Ajax F.C. have utilised what is now known as , The Academy System for over 40 years , in the process winning 5 European Cups and becoming elevated to the very top table of World Football.

The Ajax Club was Formed on 18 January 1900 , in Amsterdam , by its 3 Founding Fathers , Foris Stempel , Carel Reesner and Johan Dade , their 2nd such attempt , following the ill-fated F.C. Ajax . They named the Football Club after the Mythical Greek Hero , Ajax , whom fought the Trojan War in , The Illiad . In addition , most analysts concur that , as , in the story , Achilles died at his own hand – thus , as opposed to his Cousin , Comrade and Rival as a Greek Uber-Hero , Ajax , whom was vanquished , Ajax died undefeated . The Club acquired various Monikers , or Nick-Names , De Godenzoren ; Sons of the Gods – Logical really ; The Amsterdammers – again , but also Ajecceden de Joden ; The Jews – the Stadium was based in a Jewish area .

The Club continued throughout the Amateur Era , and , in an unusual #St. Domingo-Link , the First Official Manager of Ajax Amsterdam , was an Irishman , and Ex-Evertonian , Jack Kirwen – 25 games , Four Goals over 2 Seasons , For Everton FC ; whom later looked to Football Management as a Career , and though never having played for the Club , found a Spiritual Home at Ajax . Kirwen was Manager between 1910-1915 , and led the Side to The Dutch , Second Class , Title , and their inaugral promotion to the Top Flight of Football in Holland . Though , bizarrely , with the Western Front able to be heard , Dutch Soccer continued throughout World War One . Meanwhile , Kirwen departed to be replaced by Jack Reynolds , his erstwhile assistant , whom himself would become an Ajax F.C. Icon .

By 1918 , Reynolds had won the Eredivisie , and indeed retained it the following Campaign . Ajax were now a recognised Football Club . A proper one . Moreover , Reynolds was a Zealot as regards , How the Game Should Be Played . He termed it , ” Totaal Voetbal ..” , Or Total Football . In order to fully grasp Reynolds’ concept , one must be aware of the equipment prevalent during the period . Boots , more akin to going to War than playing Footy , a Ball , ultra absorbant and more akin to an circular Anvil – when wet , than Sporting Miscellany , and Pitches , more Bog than Bowling Green . Under these conditions , the Englishman devised a system which primarily focused upon the optimum utilisation of Space , but moreover , an inherent aspect of the concept focused upon Players , and their abilities . Jack Reynolds’ vision was for any Outfield Player , in any given situation to be able to temporarily , ” Drop In ” , to a Colleagues role – yet do so whilst fulfilling all tactical criteria . Certainly , Reynolds adopted the embryonic idea and proceeded to construct a Football Club with it as its Ethos . From the early 1920′s onwards , Players were purchased, where necessary , but more importantly , Brought Through , educated in the Totaal Voetbal mindset from Youngsters , with a view to their being as prepared as possible to slot into the Ajax First Team .

The 1930′s would see the next stage of the Club’s development , as they became Serial Challengers and beget their first real Superstar , Wim Andreisen Snr. Indeed , so successful were they , Between The Wars , that the period is referred to as ” The Golden Age ” – an Historical reference concerning the 17th Century apex of Dutch Republic . Still competing at Regional , then National levels , Ajax continued to Monopolise the Silverware during the Century’s 3rd decade . 1930-32 , ’34-’37 and 1939 Regionally , and Nationally , 1932 , 1934 , 1937 , and 1939 – #St. Domingo link 2 – we were Both Champions at the outbreak of W.W. 2 . Indeed , Ajax were now the predominant Football Club in Holland , and it was during the 1930′s that the Rivalry with Feyenoord – of Rotterdam , sprung up . Moreover , they completed the construction of their first Purpose-Built Stadium , ” Het Amsterdam ” – named after the area of location , with the Olympic Stadium being used for really big games .

The 1940′s , with Reynolds’ Retirement – he had , with leaves of absence , been connected to the Club since 1915 , Ajax underwent a period of rebuilding . Nevertheless , it was during this period that the Biological aspect of Jack Reynolds’ work , Took Root . His ideas had become the Club’s Raison D’Etre . There was a methodology to which all areas of the Football Club adhered and worked towards .

Professional Football was finally allowed throughout The Eredivisie in 1954/55 , with Ajax Amsterdam becoming its inaugural Professional , Champions and subsequently competing – that is , qualifying for the European Cup , though ultimately being well beaten by the Hungarians , Vasaas FC , and again , after qualifying in 1960 , by Freidrikstad FK of Norway . More importantly , from a historical perspective , for the Club during this period were its Players . Sjaak Swaart , an , ” Academy Graduate ” – such as it was at that stage ; he would later become known as , Mr. Ajax , playing over 450 games ( 461 ) in 17 years , for de Godezonen . However , even more significant , in the long-term , was the , then , rather non-descript Midfielder , also an , ” Academy ” Man , Rinus Michels . A Grafter is often the most kind term applied to Michels’ Soccer Skills , but he was appointed as Manager in 1965 , as replacement for Vic Buckingham . Michels would instill Reynolds’ Concept literally , from the Grass Roots of the Club right through to its First Team . He took over a Team of perennial relegation strugglers , utilized the undoubted talents of Home-Grown Players , such as Johann Cryff and Johann Neeskens , and basically started a ” Revolution ” in the Coaching of Professional Footballers .

His system became known as , ” Total Football ” , and Michels raised eyebrows when , early in his tenure , he sacrificed established Players , primarily , Fritz Soetekouw , whom Michels felt would or could not adapt to the New System . Soetekouw’s Own Goal in the European Cup Quarter Final – versus Dukla Prague , in 19966/67 , had seen the Dutchmen eliminated .


The following Season , as Michels Mandate began to take hold . Ajax Amsterdam romped to the Title scoring a Record 122 goals in the process , of which , 33 were from the 20 year old Johann Cryuff , as they also secured a Domestic Double for the first time in their History . They also won the Eredivisie in 1968 , and the subsequent Campaign reached their inaugral European Cup Final , playing A.C. Milan at the Siantiago Bernabeau in Madrid . Unfortunately , they fell foul of the Milanese famed , Catanaccio , methodology and were easily defeated 1-4 . The loss was a catalyst for Michels to refresh the Side , with a few High Profile departures . Nevertheless , they lifted the Dutch Title once more , in 1969/70 , winning 27 games from 33 , and also reached the Semi-Final of The Inter Cities Fair’s Cup . However , it was to be 1970/71 that would see the zenith of not merely Ajax History , that of Total Football , but some still argue – contemporary Barcelona accepted , European Football per se .The Side , led by Cruyff , are Runners Up in the Title , win the Dutch Cup and go on to overcome Panathaniakos of Athens – whom had dubiously defeated , #St. Domingo link 3 ; Everton in the 4th Round ; 2-0 as The Hollanders mount the 39 steps of Wembley , to – after losses in 1966 and 1969 ; lift The European Cup for the first time .

Michels departed de Meer in 1971 , with the Team on the very precipice of greatness , to Manage Barcelona . The Ethos , however remained utterly endemic throughout Ajax Amsterdam , as meanwhile , on-the-field the First XI were nothing short of awesome . In 1972 they collect a European Treble of , European Cup , League Title and the KNVB Cup . The subsequent Campaign , they returned to triumph in both The European Cup and Eredivisie . However , they received a heavy blow as Cruyff followed Renus Michels to Catalonia . This , hardly surprisingly affected the success of the Team . Indeed , it was quoted as , the end of , .. ” The 12 Apostles ..” – as the 1969/73 Side were termed . Cruyff was to return as Manager in 1985 . He held true to the attacking principles of his Mentor , as Ajax score 127 goals with 37 from Centre Forward Marco Van Basten . He also reached 2 consecutive European Cup Winner’s Cup Finals – winning the first , then departing immediately before the defeat to K.V. Mechelen .

The 1990′s saw the advent of the , Louis Van Gaal Era . Van Gaal won the EUFA Cup in his Debut Season , which then saw the departure of the Team’s two Stars , Dennis Bergkamp and Wim Jonk , to Internazionale di Milano , Van Gaal looked away from Amsterdam to locate their replacements , as Jari Litmanen , the Finn , and Nigerian , Finidi George arrived and Frank Rijkaard returned from A.C. Milan and added genuine quality to the Heart of the Defence . In 1994/95 Ajax triumph in both the Eredivisie – indeed , were unbeaten , and in the – as it was now termed , The Champions League Final . They enjoyed a , 1-0 victory over A.C. Milan , as Rijkaard played his final game for the Club against his erstwhile Employer’s . The winning goal was scored by a 19 year-old Patrick Kluivert . Moreover , 9 of the European Cup Starting 11 were products of the Club’s Academy System , and would go on to represent some of the Biggest Clubs in Europe and earn The Amsterdammers huge income in the process . The following Campaign they once more went on to reach The Champions League Final , only to be beaten by Juventus on Penalties .

The departures , over the next few Seasons – in the wake of the Bosman Ruling , went as follows ; Clarence Seedorf , 1995 ; 1996 ; Kanu , Edgar Davids , Reiziger , Finidi George . A Year later , Kluivert , Marc Overmars and Winston Bogarde . 1998 ; Ronald and Frank De Boer , Edwin Van Der Saar and Jari Litmannen in the Century’s final year . The ensuing decade has seen a Revolution as regards Football Financing Globally , and as such , the Eredivisie , and thus , the International Renown of Ajax Amsterdam suffers as a result . Nevertheless , they remain true to the Principles of their Fore-Fathers which , by regularly providing Players for the First Team from within the Organisation , conceptually , gives them a fighting chance of overcoming the Monetary Odds .

The Ajax Academy of 2011 , is obviously , State of the Art , yet adhere to not only the broad application of Michels Vision , but remain advocates of the 4-3-3 System . Renus Michels idea was all about the utilisation of space . Unconcerned about traditional , Chalk Board , positions , Winger rigidly staying wide , etc . Michels espoused that Soccer is a fluid game . Situations evolve . Thus , any Player on any given day can find himself in a variety of scenarios . He must therefore , be able to cope . Another facet of Michels’ Hypothesis was , ” Letting the Ball do the Work ..” . Anyone whom witnessed the Cryuff / Neeskens / Krol , side would concur that their innate abilities , when allied to the system , produced Football to a level that can genuinely be termed , Beautiful . Anyone doubting my opinion , .. You-Tube is your friend ,..

Indeed , the methodology used by the Dutchmen is termed ; T.I.P.S. This acronym stands for , Technique / Insight / Personality / Speed . Each aspect has 10 criteria . ” P , and , S ..” , are genuinely innate properties , but ” I & S ” , can always be developed further . Moreover , each Player owns an , ” Ajax Passport ” , within which all Training and First Team Achievements are noted . There are also , what are known as the , ” House Rules ” , of Training , and Behaviour . Furthermore , Ajax strives to , .. ” Keep Football recognisable , attractive , offensive minded , creative , fast and with flair … The Ajax Academy is regarded as , ” The Breeding Ground of Dutch Football ” This Ethos was adopted as a Mission Statement , by various degrees , since the 1940′s by the Club , but was also taken on-board by the K.N.V.B. . This was particularly the case under Michels Leadership when in fact , he actually Managed Ajax and the Dutch National Team simultaneously .

The contemporary Academy , with an Annual Budget of 4.5m Euros , and has 240 Players , within 14 different Teams ranging over age groups from 7 to 19 years of age . Furthermore , the Amsterdammers have been proactive , indeed among the very Vanguard of Clubs establishing Academy’s Abroad . 2 of these Ajax South Africa , and Ajax America , have produced ,- #St. Domingo link #4 ; Steven Pienaar , and Aaron Mokoena as tangible direct results .

The system of Youth promotion , allied to a consistent 4-3-3 methodology , intertwined with a group of Players , hypothetically comfortable in possession in any given area of the pitch , has led to not merely success on the field , but also the Financial Spill-Over Effect , allied to greatly contributing to the success of the Dutch National Team . In addition , they have become the Standard Bearer among Professional Football Academies , with Clubs , big and small , from all over the world adopting it as a very Blue-Print for success .

Look after Your Peoples .

Peace Out .




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