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The Everton Toffee Lady

What with the Second Edition of our regular Women’s Focused Page , and indeed the title of the Piece being the same as the Feature , I felt it only apt to present a small synopsis  as  to   why – in these times of Claim-Fever , and Health and Safety paranoia , we actually  advertise   for  Females to lash missiles into the crowd at Evertonians each Match Day .

Everton Ladies Football



Everton Ladies announced three new signings with only 48 hours before the start of the new women’s season with a tasty cup game against rivals Liverpool on Saturday night.

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I’d Rather Walk Alone by Carly Gibbons



“Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same” – Alan Ball

So growing up I was the only girl with two brothers, and from a young age I quickly realised that if I wanted to be included by them I pretty much had to be a boy.  There was no way they were ever going to sit down and play Barbie with me (well who knows, maybe I should have tried??), so instead I became a football fanatic, WWF obsessive, Mario Kart lover and champion conker player.  I became, and probably still am, the girliest tomboy I know – obsessed with hair, make-up and shoes (it’s my dream to own a pair of Christian Louboutins), but my ideal Saturday would be going the match, going the pub and going home in time for Match of the Day!

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Football: An Agent for Social Inclusion? by @EvertonianCamel



Every now and then (and all too often) a horror story of racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, homophobia or even criminal activity raises it’s ugly head to tarnish Football’s reputation; but what IS the reputation Football should have?

We all know the stories of poor, dis-advantaged kids who have no hope of ever lifting themselves up until it’s discovered that they can kick a ball well.  Many of us know how the list of “original clubs” is a rag tag tail of Old Boys Clubs of Public Schools, Work Place Social Club Teams and Church Teams. But few of us ever stop to think what football’s role in society is.
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I Love Everton by Giordan-Ann.

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Hello , my name is Giordan and I’m Welsh . I am also an Evertonian .  I am 14 , I live in North Wales and have 2 older brothers . One – the clever one , is a Blue , the other went Kopite  , many years ago . We love him still like …My Mum is from Liverpool and she and her family are also Evertonian’s , I was born into an Everton family and I’m so  glad that  I was. We were all obviously born into the better half of Liverpool , it is something I am grateful for , as my eldest  brother , who I love , somehow ended up a R*d . 

They think its all over…… by @DaveParky14


Has international football lost its appeal ?, its a question that many fan ,journalist and former player have discussed over the last week. As a fan myself and one who has watched numerous tournaments in my 31 years its an interesting topic.

Italia 90 caught the imagination of many, and despite a horrid final game it is largely remembered as one of the most iconic world cups Not just for the emotional theme “nes en dorma”. Its also the first time I remember being aware of England as a team. It may of been the fact that they had a couple of former blues in the side, where’as for my mum it was due to Gary Lineker’s legs.

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Everton Target Tomer Hemed ? by fo0tballista

During dialogue with an Evertonian on Twitter regarding potential signings for the Merseyside club, Graham Hunter, a respected Scottish journalist that has close ties with and specialises in Spanish football, confirmed ‘I know Hemed’s been looked at’. Since then, the Daily Mail have reported Everton’s apparent interest, with the rumour spreading amongst various media outlets over the course of the last couple of days. Read more »

Mourinho to return to Chelsea ?


Reports have emerged today that Jose Mourinho will leave Real Madrid and make a sensational return to Chelsea this summer. The ‘Special One’ has stated in the past that he has ‘unfinished business’ at Stamford Bridge and now looks set to return as manager.

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