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If anyone has seen the film Sliding Doors then you will know what I am talking about, if not I will give you a brief synopsis. The film stars Gwynneth Paltrow, and is quite a clever film showing how your life can change by the choices you make voluntarily or enforced. Basically there is 2 concurrent story lines both determined by a split second variation. One scenario sees Gwynneth running for a train and catching it and the other scenario she misses it by a second or two ! The differences between the two are quite stark ! This led me strangely enough to make an analogy about Everton and certain events that had transpired against us and what would have happened in a Sliding Doors Scenario !!

By John Milburn

The Courteeners as a band have provided a soundtrack to the last 5 years of my life. In 2008 I attended V Festival with a large group of lads. The Courteeners were the first band we checked out on the Saturday and it was determined by some obscure method that it was my round at the bar. Carrying somewhere between 8-12 pints of weak lager in a cardboard box I managed to lose my mates in the crowd. The mobile phone networks were saturated by over 100,000 people trying to use phones in an area that is usually populated by wildlife only. (Insert your own punch line about V Festival attendees…) Each attempted text sent that Saturday afternoon was duly delivered on the Monday morning – and calling across the site was a non-event. Resigned to solitude I watched the Mancunian 4 piece (+ part time keyboardist) transcend their early slot in the bill and create an amazing atmosphere with some very raw indie rock. Helped enormously by the feat of having to consume the whole round to myself – which I somehow managed to do during their 60 minute set. That said my recollection may have been rose tinted – but long after I’d reunited with the lads the Courteeners remained my festival ‘find’ of the Saturday.

By John Milburn


Invited at the last minute to see Plan B’s February UK Arena tour, I sped down the motorway to Manchester to see how Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew has translated his stage show to the expectations of an Arena audience.

I have seen Plan B a handful of times before – at smaller venues and mid afternoon sets at festivals were he has not been the headline act. Notably each of my previous visits have been in support of his soulful concept album – The Defamation of Strickland Banks. The album sold well and married a tale of infidelity, imprisonment and redemption via the medium of a series of promo videos that feel like acts in a movie. Ben Drew is nothing if not ambitious – when I first heard the first single from the album the powerhouse “Stay Too Long” – I tried to locate some Plan B material and in error bought his debut album.

It hadn’t been an easy season prior to signing for Everton for Steven Naismith. In late October, the Scottish international ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament during a match against Aberdeen, which not only forced him not only off the pitch, but into the medical room for the remainder of Rangers’ campaign. After months of intense treatment and rehab for the then 25 year old, he was finally on the road to recovery, but not before more drama.

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” It seems to me that Originiation is perhaps Instinct . Not Intellect … ” Joe Strummer .

” All the Peacemaker turn War Officer … ” Police & Thieves .


Yous know me . I’m not one for hyperbole , but I can honestly say that if I had not gotten into THIS VERY Album as a 13 , going on 14 year old , then I can guarantee I would not be sitting here with you today . Genuinely . THIS , right here , is THE MOST influential Record Of My Life . Factotum . And that’s before I’ve even introduced them , or rather , it . I was introduced to what was Termed , New Wave , or Punk Rock music in the summer of 1977 . Me mate had an elder brother with a technics system and an endless , a serious amont of records . A lot . The three albums on which we concentrated that Jubilee Summer were , The Sex Pistols ; Never Mind The Bollocks ; The Stranglers ; Rattus Norvegicus ; and this record . Ladies and Gentlemen of Music Monthly , I am privile

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