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Wednesday’s 2-1 victory over Wigan Athletic took Everton to exactly halfway through the Premier League season and there is a positive buzz surrounding the blue half of Merseyside.

Perennial sluggish starters, the Toffees have shrugged off that unwanted label and find themselves well in the mix for a European spot.

Dieter Hecking has taken over struggling Wolfsburg. Hecking has signed a contract leaving him in charge of the club till 2016. With his contract at Nürnberg coming to end in 2014, the club were desperately trying to convince him to stay till the end of the season. However Nürnberg failed to do so and have found themselves looking for a new manager during the winter break.


Mexicans in the English Premier League are about as rare as being awarded a penalty kick for being held in the box, not a everyday occurrence. In fact, since the Premier League’s inception in 1992-93 only 8 have played here all with varying degrees of success, in the 20 years the Premier League has been around.

The first one to ply his trade in English Premier League was Jared Borgetti in 2005, who didn’t really set the world alight with Bolton Wanderers. Nery Castillo, then joined  Manchester City in 2007 and left the season later !  Others who have tried their luck are Giovani Dos Santos (Tottenham), Guillermo Franco (West Ham), Pablo Barrera (West Ham), Carlos Salcido (Fulham), Carlos Vela (Arsenal, WBA) and for me the most successful of all and the focus of this article, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.


Villa (Home)

“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools”


Liverpool supporters including myself had every right to feel a resurgence of confidence – we had just won away from home against a team above without our only recognised striker.  We had also just had our first midweek-fixture-free week in what seems like months.  (Those sentences show how far our expectations have been dulled in recent years!)

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It’s the summer of 1994.  Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa’s first black President.  O.J Simpson flees from chasing police on live TV which was seen by millions worldwide and Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’ becomes a UK number one with its catchy tune and annoying dance routine, still performed at weddings receptions and birthday parties to this day.

images Lescott #2

Talk is gathering increasing momentum that Manchester City center back Joleon Lescott could make a dramatic move back to Merseyside to Everton. Lescott, who left the 4th placed outfit in controversial circumstances in 2009 for a whooping £24 million, has found himself out of sorts with Roberto Mancini, who has stated he may grant Lescott a loan move come January. The England international has played a mere one minute of football since being dropped following a less than satisfactory performance against Dutch champions Ajax some 5 weeks ago in City’s recent dismal Champions League campaign. So why could this be another trademark, masterstroke Moyes move? I get the feeling so.


photo 3 Milburn #3

West Ham United (Away)

As I mentioned last week – whilst the stats were looking very good – we are within 10% of the total number of points I had predicted – (19 vs 21) predicting mediocrity was to some extent artificially keeping my motivation going.  Predicting wins is much more fraught.  Approaching the West Ham fixture without a recognised centre forward and West Ham in decent form – especially the recent Liverpool target Diame was making me very anxious. 

photo 1 Milburn #1

I have put up on twitter the hashtag #milburnseasontheory – it is a bit of an ‘in joke’ that there are a load of people on twitter following my theory and awaiting the latest results to be reconciled.  They are not by the way.  There is me who is interested – more of that later, two mates who I got talking to about it in the pub during Liverpool’s away game against Sunderland.  Another mate – who has the theory via a crude spreadsheet I built. And to a much lesser degree my Dad!  If I stopped – they would not be unhappy – it is barely even amusing.  But it has kept my chin up in a very difficult season so far.  It is utterly simple – and I suppose therein lies its appeal.