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For those in Helmand Province , Afghanistan generally or indeed anywhere Serving Their Countries and away from their families . STAY SAFE , Peoples . That , is a GD ORDER !!!

Also for My Mother , My World , LCABarb .

So it came and went without any controversy then ! Ahem ….

Let me start this by saying what a fantastic football match it was yesterday at Goodison Park with both teams contributing to the best derby for a good few years.




For those in Helmand Province , Afghanistan generally or indeed anywhere Serving Their Country and away from their families . Take Care , Peoples . THAT , is a GD Order !!!

Also for My Mother , My World , LCABarb and Me Aunty Doreen .


May The Good Lord be with you all .

Welcome , everyone to our small corner of the Sabbath .

Arsenal : Back Amongst The Best or Heading For Decline ?

Arsenal held their annual general meeting this week amid criticism from some quarters that the club is standing still if not declining. The meeting came a day after a 2 nil home defeat by FC Schalke in the Champions League and 5 days after a 1 nil defeat to Norwich City at Carrow Road. Both defeats were a bit of a surprise given the Gunners start to the season which has seen a new steel about Arsenal and had some performances which had impressed me.

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It’s around 4.30, maybe even 5.30pm on Saturday 14th April 2012, and I’m still stuck at Wembley Central train station, London waiting for the train to take me back home to Liverpool. Eventually, I board the train and slump into my seat. I take a look around the carriage and there are many other people looking the same as how I feel. Saddened. Angry. Disappointed. Inconsolable.



Been thinking about past derbies over the last couple of days and lots of memories came flooding back so I decided that I would compile a ‘Top 5′ of derbies I have enjoyed but not necessarily the ones most people think of. I have deliberately omitted the 1-0 Graeme Sharp Volley at Anfield, the 4-4 FA Cup match, the 1-0 replay win, the 3 nil AJ game or the 2-0 Anfield win as I felt they were all a bit ‘route 1′ ! So below is my alternative ‘Top 5′ derbies , are there any that you would have put in ? Feel free to comment.

As the Merseyside Derby gets closer, it is a normal part of my build up to feel nervous, excited, fearful, cocky and terrified ! I have all of those emotions and many more as the day approaches although this year I must admit I am trying to play it down. I am having an internal and external battle to convince myself and others that it is only 3 points at stake and nothing more.In the past I have felt confident and convinced myself rightly on some occasions but more often than not wrongly on many others that Everton would be victorious. Last season however, has changed my perspective slightly and below I’ll explain why !

On an online musical discussion forum recently I dared to challenge the conventional wisdom that U2 are now sh*t and that Bono is a complete t**t.

I don’t entirely disagree with the observations I was more offended that it was presented as fact by someone who I didn’t credit with a great deal of taste or intelligence. Also its fair to say I was skewing the age profile of the forum – shall we say.  It is now conventional wisdom to almost everyone that U2 are now sh*t and that Bono’s lecturing needs to be curtailed immediately and they should stop recording, performing and speaking!