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Former Germany midfielder Tim Borowski has been forced to retire from the game after being unable to recover from ongoing injury problems with his right ankle.

The former Werder Bremen midfield star had further surgery on the ankle but that failed to clear the injury he picked up whilst playing for Bremen in October 2010.


Everton have made an excellent start to the new Barclays Premier League season after collecting 10 points from a possible 15, and really it should have been 12 points after dominating against Newcastle United only to throw it away at the end. Having watched us totally outplay a good Swansea City side at the Liberty Stadium, I can’t help but admire the job that Blues boss David Moyes has done at the club over the last 10 years. Yes he still annoys me at times with his choice of ‘Ossville’ in the centre of the park and his sometimes frustrating substitutions, and yes I have questioned whether he is the right man for the job at times, but seriously is there a better man out there to manage Everton ? Not a chance !!



April 15th 1989, is a date that will never be forgotten in the city of Liverpool. Everyone will remember where they were on that fateful day when 96 Liverpool fans went to the match to support their team like thousands of other fans did on that sunny Saturday April afternoon, except those 96 men, women and children never came back home.

Time for Fellaini to be the Middle Man !



Everton continued their solid start to the new Barclays Premier League season with a 2-2 draw at home to Newcastle United to take their points tally to 7 from a possible 12. However, many Blues fans were left reflecting on what might have been. Two absolutely shocking decisions by the officials potentially robbed Everton of 3 points and third place in the Premier League.

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I have purposely delayed writing this piece for a few days , frankly in order that it was a  little more than a knee-jerk . That was not my intention .

In April 2011 , I composed and posted an article upon Hillsborough , or rather my personal experiences on the day and why it was a catalyst for my having supported the campaign ever since . This week , I was reminded of its context . The atmosphere prevalent at the time as a result of which , I was genuinely moved . Moved when I think of the commitment and blind devotion to the memories of people , even the youngest of whom would now be approaching Middle Age , by those they left behind .

‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain’ – Bob Marley

Remember when you were a kid and you’d be playing rounders or manhunt around the corner and next thing you’d hear your dad going for it on his electric guitar at full volume in your house, and it could be heard ALL the way around the block. . . .

Or remember getting picked up from senior school and as you walked out the door, you (and the rest of the school) could hear Eric Clapton’s ‘Bad Love’ blasting from your dad’s car. . . .


Yo peeps the Wolfman has landed………..In it Again, and you know I go deep. 

Right then gonna take it easy on you again and keep it soft,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok softer.

This time round lets look at Myles Kennedy, this American singer/songwriter is best known for being the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist for hard rock band Alter Bridge and as the current voice of Slash’s music.

When you open an album cover and see the foreword is written by Nick Hornby you get the idea this is going to be a good album. Mr Hornby describes them as a good solid rock band, not the most original idea but they are still fresh. He compares them to the Clash and Little Richard, saying that basically carrying on the tradition of excellent rock and roll is no bad thing. I agree with him, there is something about this album which feels familiar, but in this case there is no contempt, just appreciation.