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Everton : A Different Approach?

A season like we’ve just had usually it seems causes disgruntled fans to turn their frustrated attention to the board rather than the manager.

For now, I will leave the argument to one side as to whether the current board should be finding new owners/investing their own money and look closer at what we could potentially do with the impending injection of cash from Sky/BT over the next few years.

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Roberto Martinez Interview – My Thoughts

On Friday May 22nd, Toffee TV along with other fan sites (Followtonians, Bluekipper, SOS1878, NSNO, WSAG and Toffeeweb)  were invited to Finch Farm to Interview Blues boss Roberto Martinez.

As usual Roberto was his charming and engaging self as he fielded questions from all sites about a number of different topics ranging from pre-season to the Europa League to his plans in the transfer market this summer.

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Dr. Frank Carlyle Interview

For My Mother LCABarb and my dear departed Grandmother Margaret Kerr. BOTH huge Dr. Frank fans.

Been wanting to do this interview since started as I was introduced to the subject of today’s focus by my Grandmother and Mother and soon became an avid fan meself. Frank Carlyle grew up in Liverpool’s notorious Gerrard Gardens and today is world renown as an, dare I say, oracle of all things Scouse. He is an Educator, Broadcaster and Author and having gotten to know and see Frank at work over the past 6-7 years to finally get him here is an honour to me. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce Academic Scouser and genuine Merseyside Icon Dr. Frank Carlyle. Continue reading

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