Book Review; The Holy Trinity and Beyond by Phil Thomson.

For the second time in the last year I have the pleasure of reviewing a book written by one of me mates. The last time it was Muza (Paul Gladwell) and on this occasion it is Phil “Teece” Thomson. Firstly, I’ve never known anyone to call him Phil, and also it’s Thomson, not Thompson. Continue reading Book Review; The Holy Trinity and Beyond by Phil Thomson.

Everton : The Season So Far : Toffee TV

On this video for Toffee TV, presenters Barry Cass and Peter McPartland are joined by Matt Jones from World Soccer Talk and Irish Toffees’ Joe O’Reilly to assess the Blues season so far.

To hear the lads thoughts on the start made by Roberto Martinez’s men click HERE.

Continue reading Everton : The Season So Far : Toffee TV

The Final Word : Toffee TV

On this edition of Toffee TV , Ped and Baz are joined by Matt Jones and Joe O’Reilly to review Everton’s 1-1 against Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby at the Goodison Park.

Should the Blues have taken all 3 points? And did we fail to get over the psychological hurdle again? The lads discuss those points and more.

Click below to hear the lads thoughts.

The E.P.L. Sharks, the Media and the Transfer Window

For the past few years there has manifest within England’s top league not simply a dog-eat-dog ethos and methodology of how to obtain prominence, but one which has now become the Calcio equivalent of organ harvesting and via which the media were not simply involved but were the equivalent of drivers of the Get Away Ambulance. The John Stones saga in all it’s predictable nastiness, as well as various others, has not simply plumbed the depths of what should be de riguer behaviour within The Beautiful Game it has established a new nadir and also the opportunity for Everton Football Club to manifest a determination which was immensely refreshing as well as reassuring. Continue reading The E.P.L. Sharks, the Media and the Transfer Window

Tweeting Jesus Interview

Originally introduced to me by me brother Mullin but now me muckas their band is to play in Concert Square on Bank Holiday Sunday at approximately 1 o’clock as part of a line up put together by Derek Hazell Manager of The Sums, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce two of my very favourite and superbly talented friends to Music, the Singing Scouse Sorority, Babsy and Beverley Keenan (2 parts of) Tweeting Jesus. Continue reading Tweeting Jesus Interview

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