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Everton FC – The Perfect Storm

Just what has happened to Everton Football Club this season ? That is the question most Evertonians have asked themselves over the last few months as events have come together to create a Perfect Storm in which we are at the moment struggling to overcome. This season should have been the season when we kicked on, the season when we showed everybody that we meant business and that last season was just the beginning of our resurgence however, that has simply not happened and instead we are all quite perplexed by what we have witnessed. 

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Mutant Vinyl

Mutant Vinyl ; New York Dub

Welcome back to Music. Apologies for my sabbatical, I have been writing some Football however with the break in the E.P.L. programme I felt this was an apt time to resume. In our initial Musical Pieces the aim is to cover some Folks of our acquaintance wherever possible. One such example is today’s focus, Mr. Edwin Pope, AKA Mutant Vinyl. Continue reading

Jigsaw Bobby

Jigsaw Bobby

Recently I had a few comments on Twitter about this so I’ve decided to elaborate as to my reasoning thereupon .

About a year ago, in one of our discussions, I elucidated to Keith Mullin my “Jigsaw Bobby” concept, that is Our Manager requires various and different pieces – or options in order for him to operate at optimum level and allow him to transform us into the true picture he has for us in his head, into Roberto’s Everton, into The School Of GD Science in his very image. For every Barkley there has to be a Naisy, for James Mc see Besic etc, Such an undertaking is a significant one in any Footballing era but in the contemporary financial cesspit it is pushing the proverbial boulder up a hill. It is extremely tough to accomplish yet should we provide him with the tools, even minimal outlay tools he is, in my opinion able, he has the quality to manipulate these Players into a genuine force in the EPL while executing it in a style to make even the most dubious Bobby observer lick his or her lips in anticipation. We have seen the evidence manifest it is not, to coin a phrase, a dream. Continue reading


Toffee TV meets Bob Latchford

On this new video Toffee TV Presenter Barry Cass had the opportunity to sit down with one of Everton’s most Iconic number 9s Bob Latchford and discuss his career and what he thinks about Roberto Martinez’ Blue Revolution.

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Muza's book

Book Review; Paul Gladwell; The Scrapbook Years; A Teenage Evertonian In The ’80’s

Can’t recall doing a book review on footyscene before and having recently written a Toffee book myself I can empathise entirely with the process, moreover the Author is a friend of both my Family and My Friends though I have never met him personally, just so everyone is on, ahem, the same page … Continue reading

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