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The risorgimento of optimism

Next Saturday, February 7, 2015 will see us play host to the Lucifers in the return Merseyside Derby of this campaign and prior to our arrival at Selhurst Park at the weekend we had but a single victory in our last 13 fixtures having lost 5 on the bounce away from home. This allied to our opponents own recent renaissance, particularly their having deposited Southampton from the F.A. Cup at St. Mary’s only a week earlier, meant that the omens were far from optimistic. However, the weekend’s display in South London on a ubiquitous level would provide more than a chink of light in a sea of darkness as regards points gained but also in its manner, its modus operandi and with our crimson cousins imminent arrival it was a most prescient occurrence. Continue reading


Has Roberto Missed Nastasic trick? by Ben Williams

FC Schalke have completed the signing of Manchester City’s Majita Nastasic, in a loan deal lasting till the end of the season. The Serbian international has struggled with injury, and failed to cement a first team slot during Manuel Pellegrini’s tenure at the Premier League champions.

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Soccer - Everton FC - Goodison Park Stadium Upgrades

Everton FC – The Perfect Storm

Just what has happened to Everton Football Club this season ? That is the question most Evertonians have asked themselves over the last few months as events have come together to create a Perfect Storm in which we are at the moment struggling to overcome. This season should have been the season when we kicked on, the season when we showed everybody that we meant business and that last season was just the beginning of our resurgence however, that has simply not happened and instead we are all quite perplexed by what we have witnessed. 

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Me & Bobby

The State Of The Nation; December 2014

As an unashamed Bobby Backer and as a result of admittedly chronic recent EPL results allied to the resultant Toffee Social Media maelstrom I have decided to put finger to keyboard upon the matter and indeed my opinions – such as they are, on the lay of the current Goodison land as it were. These are they … Continue reading


Keith Mullin/Simon Britton ; The Peace Collective Interview

Today 15th December 2014 is the official release date for The Peace Collective ; #AllTogetherNow, a project involving Clubs and youngsters from all Clubs in the EPL and Bundesliga. It also intrinsically contains two of Me Firm , Keith Mullin whom I sit with in the Park End and whom comes on El Autobus Loco and Simon Britton though miles away is wearing an Everton In The Community Wristband in the Promo Shots. So , their bid to overcome the dual Media Machines of Ebola Bob and Mr. X-Factor, is well , kinna new to me. I gotta be honest.

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#ThePeaceCollective #1 ; Toffee S Ticket Holder Keith Mullin on ; WHY #ALLTogetherNow should be Xmas 2014 #1

In the first of a trinity of Pieces related to the #AllTogetherNow Project for Christmas #1 2014. This is an initiative by My Friends, My Brothers, yet it also about Football, The Working Classes and Peace .

FFS , and we really do need to Get TF Onboard …


Mullin’s Interview with Louder Than War ….

Why we should send All Together Now to the xmas number one

AllTogether Now the Charity Record?

Whilst any monies made will go to charity, being compared to other records out there is a little disingenuous to those involved in making this record (who fully understand what this record is about) & the truce soldiers of WW1.
Sorry but All Together Now 2014 is more than a charity record, the song is and always has been an anti-war song, The Peace Collective are promoting a message (hence the name), we repeat that message daily, The Farm have been repeating it for the last 25-years, this song commemorates peace & those that chose not to fight on Christmas day 1914. It’s a tribute to those brave souls, English & German ordinary folk, who found they had more in common with each other than the aristocracy who sent them there to die.

You cannot compare this to XFactor, Band Aid 30 or any of the other record being made in the name of, they are vehicles in aid of, whose purpose is raising money, the rights or wrong of, I will not debate here. All Together Now exists because of that moment Christmas day 1914, one of humanities greatest ever stories, I struggle to imagine the bravery of those men taking that first step into no man’s land, who were not only at risk of being shot by their supposed enemy, they risked being executed by their own country for fraternizing with that enemy. A spirit stronger than war was at work that night, humanity at its best in my opinion, with that in mind there’s a lot humanity can learn from those men on Christmas day 1914, that’s the message, that story is used now to educate and long may it continue, we’ve tried to keep it alive for 25-years enshrined in a song, you can do more with music than just making money, we can question & educate, demonstrate & challenge, therefore this is not just a charity record!

We do not want money from this, however a consequence of selling records is that, if you sell enough, the record makes money, we do not want that money so we decided to give whatever monies are made to The Red Cross, who are normally the first in any war zone /global tragedy clearing up the mess governments make (they R+ do not have an ego that needs feeding unlike some!!), and The Shorncliffe Trust who are trying to keep the memory of this event alive!!

Be under no illusion as to why we are doing this!

Maybe that’s why radio isn’t playing this record as much as it should, and some just want to pigeon hole it as just another Charity Record..




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